A Star Wars Party To Remember – A Success Story

I wanted to host a Star Wars party to remember for my daughter a few years ago. If you love Star Wars like I do, then you may have considered holding a Star Wars fancy dress party at some stage in the past or even in the coming future. I wanted to give you some ideas of the things we did because money had always been a bit on the scarce side but I still wanted to deck everything out with as much Star Wars paraphernalia as I was able. I had a whole list of things I was planning to include as props, pictures, decoration, food, etc. It will take a few blogs to put it all into writing, and after that, I hope to give you other ideas that you may be able to make use of in your own planning for a Star Wars event.

a star wars party

Star Wars Party Invitation for 5 Years Off Chemo Party


The Timing Was Right For a Star Wars Bash

Star Wars episode 1 The Phantom Menace had been released by June 1999 and was fresh in everyone’s mind when September came around that same year. My Daughter had just become interested in Star Wars after I had taken her to see the original Star Wars at the movies when it was re-released with revamped special effects after it’s 20th anniversary. I had also taken her to see the Phantom Menace when it was shown at the cinemas. Therefore it was natural that we chose a Star Wars fancy dress theme for a party in her honour and we would cater it with star wars food ideas.


If Money Is Short, Hand Making Is An Option.


The Star Wars party invitation in the image above is an example of the original individual hand decorated invitations I did for a party we had some time ago. I didn’t have a whole lot of money to spare and had to make do with hand making a lot of the decorations, including the invitations. This one was just note pages taken from a Star Wars note pad that I had been given as a gift at some point. I coloured it in and it ended up looking like this.


Incorporate The ‘Lingo’


It was very simple and I used a lot of headings and colour to make it look a little less ordinary than just the black and white Darth Vader and unfilled, colourless writing. I also wrote the actual invitation using Star Wars terminology like hyperdrive, space, passage, hatchway and stars and made sound like they would be travelling on a space ship. I subtitled it the ‘You’re all clear kid’ party, which I will explain shortly, and ended it with Star Wars’ most famous quote, the Jedi saying “May The Force Be With You” as if spoken to my daughter about being empowered.


“You’re All Clear Kid!”


Millennium Falcon Cake, a-star-wars-party

My mother made the Millennium Falcon Cake


The reason September was such an important date was because my daughter, who had Childhood Leukaemia at just under 4 year of age, was to reach her milestone of 5 years off chemotherapy. It was said that by then 5 years off treatment without a relapse marks the time when the Leukaemia would most likely not pose a threat any more. She would probably stay in remission now.

Hence the earlier statement of our subtitle being ‘You’re all clear kid’. This line is probably the second most famous quote from Star Wars and is said by Han Solo in A New Hope, episode 4. Han exclaims this as he clears Luke Skywalker’s path when he is about to fire his torpedoes on the Death Star and change their universe forever. So naturally that was a big cause for celebration for us with my daughter being given the ‘all clear’.


More To Follow In This Saga


So here’s a little bit of history about my family and how a passion of mine, became a passion of my daughter’s and how we were able to create a star wars party to remember in celebration of such a momentous occasion in our lives. To share these moments in the company of family and friends and in a Star Wars setting was amazing.

There are many other things to add to this epic event that we hosted, but I will break it down over several blogs so I am not writing too much in the one post. It might also help in terms of organising yourself a little into bite sized chunks if you are planning to throw a Star Wars party of your own.




I’ve written a post about things you might need to prepare for a Star Wars event that you might like to take a look at while you are waiting for other blogs about our preparation. It will take you to a few other places for information.


Thank you for reading, and if you would like to leave a comment, please feel free.



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