Acknowledgments, Copyright and Disclaimers

Jabba Gibber would like to acknowledge George Lucas for creating the Star Wars story and characters for the enjoyment of all, and the many authors responsible for bringing the Star Wars Expanded Universe into being. Without your imagination and input, this world would be a much duller place. Thank you for the effort put into maintaining the integrity and congruence of so many books, comics, TV shows and movies so that they all fit in with each other perfectly.

This blog is intended as an unofficial, educational, and information resource in relation to it’s author’s love of the Star Wars story. This blog is no way linked to Lucasfilm Ltd., Walt Disney, or Twentieth Century Fox. You may find the Official Star Wars site at

Any opinions about Star Wars or any part of the Star Wars expanded universe are the personal views of the author of this blog only. Any Star Wars images and sounds that are or may be used on this site are captured from Star Wars media owned by the blog owner. This site does not practice or endorse any piracy activity.

Lucasfilm, the Lucasfilm logo, STAR WARS and all related characters, names and indicia are trademarks of & copyright of Lucasfilm Ltd or Disney. All rights reserved.

All content of this site is the intellectual property of unless it is indicated otherwise.

It is in no way intended that any copyright material be used and claimed as owned by the owner of this blog. Character names, locations, species types, quotes, book titles and commentary are used merely for the purpose of review, discussion, comment, or content for this blog to positively promote and preserve the name of Star Wars, the expanded universe and all things Star Wars related.

This page forms the overall acknowledgment to the authorship, copyright, trademarks, and creators of any material, images or sounds that may be used in this blog to represent and honour all work referencing the Star Wars franchise.

Affiliate Disclaimer – This website may contain affiliate links in some parts. Please be aware that the owner as a result may receive a commission for any purchase eventuating from this site.


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