Fear Not – Adult Star Wars Halloween Costumes – Are Not Outdated

Halloween Draws Nearer – What Can I Wear This Year You Ask?


Adult star wars halloween costumes

What do think? Jabba The Hut as a witch for Halloween?

With the new Star Wars movie release the world is buzzing with excitement. Adult Star Wars Halloween costumes are the ‘in’ thing again, so why not show your excitement and dress up in something Star Wars related this coming Halloween?


Make Your Own Or Buy Them!


There is a large range of costumes based on the new characters that are just waiting for people to show them off. I am a fan of making your own costumes, as mentioned previously, but I know that sometimes it just isn’t possible for people for whatever reasons, to make a costume from scratch and much prefer to purchase or hire a costume.


I Just Love Dressing Up For Any Occasion Whether It Be Halloween Or Not


I remember when I was part of a parade and I dressed up as a pixie, a pregnant pixie for that matter, because I was very heavily pregnant. Our float represented a greener environment, and another of my passions, sustainable living, and so the pixie was supposed to depict Mother Earth. It only took a mustache painted on my face and a pixie hat and I was a transformed being.


From Pixie To Chook


Another time I was a chicken for a fundraiser trivia night selling chook raffle tickets. I became brave enough to put on my best chook imitation calling out raffle tickerrrrrts, raffle tickerrrrrts. Something I’d NEVER do normally. I did sell every ticket amongst some attempts to pluck my tail feathers, all in fun for a good cause.

Halloween is just another great excuse for a dress-up.  Try some of these ideas to help bring a Star Wars theme to Halloween.


Here’s A Few Of Our Evil Villains From Our Star Wars Party


Adult-Star-Wars-Halloween-Costumes; Stormtrooper

The Empire is evil and so are Stormtroopers

We had a great mix of evil villains and good guys, and from the article I mentioned in the last paragraph, you will see a lot of them were actually home-made. This stormtrooper on the right was one of the two hired costumes that presented themselves through our door.


If The Shoe Fits, Use It!


Stormtroopers are considered part of the evil crowd and seems Halloween generally relates to horror and scary monster types, a Stormtrooper outfit would fit in quite well due to the sinister deeds they have to perform in the name of duty.


Stormtroopers Can Be Pretty In Pink Too!


Stormtrooper costumes are now available in other colours than the standard white, due to different stormtrooper skill sets.I have recently seen a pink stormtrooper outfit, although personally I would not choose this. I prefer the correct colours for myself, but each to their own.

What Of The Slimy, Horrible, Greasy Jabba The Hutt?


I have seen an inflatable Jabba The Hutt costume from the place where I buy my costumes, that I thought was truly amazing. It would be so out there to go to a fancy dress party or Halloween as Jabba The Hutt (for an image of Jabba see here). If you bought the inflatable costume you might prefer it to be cooler weather, I imagine that the outfit would be quite warm.


What Does Jabba The Hut, A Tauntaun and A Wampa Ice Creature Have In Common?


They are all available as costumes. Yes, truly, they are.


Speaking of costumes, even though this particular creature is not really evil, I really did come across an inflatable Tauntaun costume too. That would probably be a great conversation topic and turn a few heads. I doubt many non-star wars fans would know what a Tauntaun was, if you don’t, there’s an image here.. A Wampa Ice Creature. is scary and yes, I really did find a costume for this interesting creature too. I’d be curious to see someone’s attempt at home-making a Wampa costume, that would be really cool.


More Evil Did You Spake (In Jar Jar Binks Speak)?


Adult_star_wars_Halloween_costumes; Darth Maul Home Made

Now here’s evil with 2 swords. Darth Maul is a popular character among the dark side lovers out there.

Face paint and a black hoodie creates a fantastic Darth Maul outfit like my friend did for our party? The outfit was easy, but the face paint took a bit longer to get done. My sister was the face paint artist here, with no training I might add. What a great job she did didn’t she?


Darth Maul Is Evil Enough To Go To Halloween


Of course Darth Maul costumes complete with mask are available to buy if you are time restricted. Darth Maul is not my favourite character but he certainly was evil and worthy of a Halloween presence, and he killed Qui Gon Jin so that makes him doubly dastardly.


The Emperor – The Ultimate Evil For Halloween


With face paint and a black cloak, my sister became a great Emperor. She looked fantastic but the photo was not good quality so I can’t put it up for you. I wish you could have seen it, she looked just like the very evil Sith lord that Senator Palpatine became. And played her part well. I think my family really are dress up goons.


Show Up For Halloween In A Force Awakens Costume


Adult star wars costumes, kylo ren, child star wars halloween costumes

Evil Villain Kylo Ren from the Force Awakens, Star Wars Episode 7. Click the image to buy.

There are a large number of costumes available for purchase of the new characters for the new Star Wars movie. If you want evil, there is Kylo Ren, the new Sith Lord on the loose in The Force Awakens. This one is going to be a force to be reckoned with, if he stops his little tantrums that is. What do you think? Will the Jedi prevail this time or might the Sith become victorious in this round?


Not If Luke Skywalker Has Anything To Do With It


I’m sure my hero Luke Skywalker will have something to say about whether or not the Sith will celebrate victory or not. It’s a little up in the air just how much of a role he will play in the new series. For my sake, I hope he remains a major character, otherwise I will be quite devastated.


Luke’s The Hero Albeit Getting A Tad Older


He was always meant to be the original hero and the story-line was based around him and the adventures of his character. Anything that takes that away from him would be disappointing. I guess the original characters are getting a bit long in the tooth so I guess I will have to settle for some of the younger, more agile characters to be taking on larger roles eventually.


Whether New Or Old Characters, All Deserve To Be Proudly Displayed


The characters of Finn and Rey, whom I have grown to like, but will have to wait and see just how their characters develop, are available as costumes. I found quite a few Stormtrooper styles from either the new movie, the TV series Rebels or from the animated cartoon series The Clone Wars. All would make valuable additions to your costume wardrobe for your child or for your own adult star wars Halloween costumes. I foresee there will be many years of fun to be had.


star wars halloween costumes adult, Finn

Here is Finn – Hero and comic relief. Click on the image for more information on ordering.

star wars costumes adult halloween; Rey

Here is Rey. How many of you think that Rey is Luke Skywalker’s daughter? Click on the image for ordering options


















Here’s wishing you have the best Halloween or party in general, and that if you love Star Wars and want to make it part of your theme for a costume, you now have an idea where to look or how to actually make some of them and save dollars. 

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article as I have enjoyed writing it. If you have some pictures of you own adult star wars halloween costumes to show us, please add them to the comments below. 

Thank you and May The Force Awaken and find your Halloween costume wearing, making, hiring or purchasing out of this world. 




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