Funny Star Wars Videos – Parodies Can Be Hilarious

funny star wars videos

There is another side of Star Wars fandom that I have grown to love and that is the number of funny star wars videos I come across. There are quite a few parodies that are really quite hilarious.

I’ve written a few basic informative blogs so far on the production of Star Wars, including pieces on the special effects and visual arts so I felt it was time to put something a bit more light hearted on my blog.

After all, how can I not introduce you to another side of the saga, the things that fans do? It would be very remiss of me not to include some of these.


My Choice For Today’s Funny Star Wars Video


It was quite difficult picking my choice of which video to post on here for this particular article. There are a few of them so I will no doubt introduce you to others as I continue with this blog. But then it hit me. I love the song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. It’s one of my all time favourite songs. That combined with its Star Wars content, my all time favourite movie series, and the resulting video won hands down. Here the faculty and students at a Digital Video Program run by an Advanced Technology University look like they had a lot of fun filming and producing this one.



[If you wish to read the captions you can turn them on by clicking on the little box in the bottom bar to the right].


I hope you have enjoyed glimpsing the story rhapsody-style and can appreciate the time and effort it must take to produce something as captivating as this video.


Catchy Words Perfectly Placed


Some of my favourite things from this video are the change from “Anyway the wind blows” to the new words “Anyway the force flows”. I love Yoda’s characteristic ‘backwards speak’ voice over of the words “nothing really matters” yet still somehow seems to make sense. One of the stormtrooper’s has some pretty cool dance moves, and Darth Vader can show some expressive body language throughout the video.

I think what sticks with me the most for some reason are the words

“Vader’s a poor boy, he needs your sympathy,

Because he’s now a sith, not a knight

Lot of dark, little light”

This video is just too cute.

Fan Based Productions Are Becoming More Frequent



This beautiful mosaic is actually made from Lego. It is the Twilek Jedi, Aayla Secura

There are quite a lot of fan based productions of varying media around now. Much of it falls into the category of fan fiction but not all. Some people have merely idolized Star Wars through selecting scenes from the movies and turning them into a video clip with a specific song that tends to suit the feel.

Others have written their own lyrics to well known songs and produced their own video clips to them, a few of these are quite an elaborate attempt.


Deleted Scenes Are Not Immune


A few have chosen to separate specific scenes from the rest of the movie to highlight them as a favourite. Deleted scenes have also been included in this practice too. There are so many memes around now that it is hard to keep up with them. I have seen some really beautiful pieces of art and jewellery and even Lego creations that could only have been made by a fan.


Tricky Fan Fiction Could Almost Be Authentic At Times


One group have gone so far as to produce an entire movie, special effects and all, that runs for over an hour. It looks so much like the real thing it could be mistaken to be an offshoot movie produced by Lucasfilm or Disney, depending on the year it was produced. From what I glimpsed of it so far it could fool most people into believing it was an authentic star wars storyline and part of the canon.


Accents A Dead Give Away


In light of the mystery surrounding the new movie and story that is yet to be told, it is not surprising that people may be convinced of its authenticity. For me, the accents gave it away. I couldn’t see the entire movie as real when all accents in it were of the same nationality which were not American or English accents as would be expected if the movie truly was genuine. But I must admit, it looked very good and I do plan to watch it to check it out more thoroughly.


Surprisingly There Are Many Such Rip Offs – Term Rip Off Used Affectionately



A Bantha and It’s Tusken Raider Rider


I didn’t even know these existed in such a large quantity until a short while ago and I’m so glad I found them. I don’t know how I could not have paid attention but I guess I must have been a Bantha sticking my head in the hot Tatooine sand to have missed them.


Keeping Abreast Of News


As they say, life gets in the way sometimes and even passions suffer time lapses where it is difficult to keep up with the latest news, events and productions, authentic or not. A friend of mine likes to let me know when new information comes about with anything Star Wars related and pointed me in the direction of these clips. From there the search was relatively easy to find other similar videos.

If you liked this article please leave me a comment and let us all know your favourite funny star wars videos or parodies.

Thanks for reading and watching, and I hope this article finds you in good humour.

Warm Wishes




Images are all from my own media or from a free source.

4 thoughts on “Funny Star Wars Videos – Parodies Can Be Hilarious

  1. Yes this is Awesome. Star Wars! Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition You have my attention now.
    Where in the world do you get all this information?

    Well I guess you have your sources. Parodies Can Be Hilarious? Yes, they most certainly are! You need a certain type of humor for sure! Are you a Fan? You must be!

    I’ve always enjoyed them and I am enjoying your website as well. Do you have a newsletter? I’d like to be able to stay in touch.
    I’ve copied the url so I will have this to look at later tonight!


    • Ange

      Hi Rick.
      Yes you could say I’m a wee bit of a fan, ‘freak’ some of my family and friends call me. I can’t really understand why, I’m not nearly as bad as some of the other people I see. But I do have a few Star Wars items in my home. Do you think Star Wars Character dolls, Star Wars trivia games, star wars monopoly, The CD set of the music, over a hundred books and all the DVDs might give it away a little? As for humour, I’m glad you can see my humour in it. To do a site like this you need a little tongue in cheek humour, especially for someone of my age. I don’t have a newsletter at this stage, I’m still only just starting out, but hopefully one day in the near future I will get one set up. I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying my site, and thank you so much for copying the URL to visit again.

  2. John Hampson

    This site shows great potential even if you only have a passing interest in Star Wars. I wish Angie well in her endeavours to bring her passion for Star Wars to the world. (The force is strong in this one I can tell).
    I am not what you would call a fan (as in FAN-AT-IC) of Star Wars but can appreciate a good series of stories translated well to the big screen.
    So, thank you Angie job well done and more to do no less.
    Get on board people there looks to be a lot more to be explored with Captain Angie in cockpit.

    • Ange

      Hi John,
      Thank you for seeing the potential in my site. You are correct, I do feel that sometimes I have the force at my back. I have so much more I want to write about so watch this space. Glad that you were able to get enjoyment from it even though you are not necessarily a fanatic. Perhaps I can change your mind.
      Warm Regards,

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