How May The Fourth Be With You? On Star Wars Day – What Will You Do?

How May ‘The Fourth be with you’, effect you on this coming May the 4th? The fourth of May has become known as Star Wars Day in many countries of the world. Someone with a great sense of humour and a love for plays on words has latched on to the similarities between the ‘force’ from the phrase “may the force be with you”, and the the date of May the ‘fourth,’ and created the catch phrase that has taken Star Wars fans by storm.

This makes May the 4th every year a very celebrated and sacred time for fans, and quite possibly will stir up a frenzy here or there too. How will you celebrate your love of Star Wars this year? Because let’s face it, true fans like us, feel an inherent need to honour everything about star wars and what better day to do it than on Star Wars Day.


May The 4th – Fans Call It Star Wars Day!


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May The Fourth Be With You on Star Wars Day


May the 4th equals all things Star Wars. Apparently it was made popular in 2011 when the first organised star wars celebration took place in Toronto at a cinema. It was not an official star wars or Lucasfilm occasion, but since then, it has become an annual event and has become adopted throughout other parts of the world. In 2013, Disney also began observing this date as an official event. No doubt there will be more celebrating this year in true Disney fashion in their theme parks worldwide. I can imagine the shows, music and displays even now. That’s one place I’d like to be on May the 4th.

Do You Have A Plan?


There are probably hundreds of ways you can spend May the 4th in Star Wars style. I’m sure you can think of many more than I can and there probably won’t be enough years in our lifetimes to do them all as a different annual event each time. In addition to this, don’t forget, there’s also May the fifth to consider, which is now being called The Revenge of the ‘Fifth’ instead of the ‘Sith’, where you can continue your Star Wars fun and celebrate all the Sith lords too. More on that in another article to follow.


It’s Fast Approaching


We know that May the 4th will be here before you know it and so that leaves two important questions

  1. What will you do?
  2. Are you prepared?

Here I explore the ideas for some fun on your own, while this article looks at what you need to prepare. You’ll find a link below to my group ideas.

Stuck For Ideas? Why Not Consider These Options?


If you are stuck and want some suggestions, I’ve thought up a few ideas that might get you started on your adventure for this year. I haven’t made up my mind yet what I will be doing this year, but I can imagine what the first thing on everyone’s mind will ultimately be, the first suggestion below, but there are so many other things you might do as well. I’ll separate them into solo, family and group functions. The solo ideas are part of this article, but to keep the articles shorter, I’ve created a secondary article encompassing the family and group ideas.


Flying Solo? Never Mind, I’ve Got You Covered:


Flying Solo? Never mind. You Will Still Have Fun, How-may-the-fourth-be-with-you

Flying Solo? Never mind. You Will Still Have Fun


May the fourth be with you, can still be celebrated even if you are single and live alone, or if you are in a remote location, or even traveling. It should be relatively easy to prepare for these, just make sure you own or have purchased what you need in time, allowing postage time frames.


  • Take the phone off the hook, dim the lights and close the curtains. Sit down with your popcorn or other snacks and whatever drink you prefer and watch your brand new DVD of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Episode 7.
  • You can make star wars related snacks. Here’s just one idea. Obi Wan Kebobies are yummy. Just take some sliced cabana or salami, cubed cheese and cocktail pickled onions or pineapple pieces, thread one of each onto a toothpick, and enjoy. You could make your drink into Yoda soda, just buy or make a green drink.
  • Have a date with the original trilogy, or the prequel, or just watch your favourite movie of the saga.
  • Buy a book or comic and catch up on some good reading. Whether the book is from the Expanded Universe (Legends), or from the Disney canon, here is a good one, I guarantee you will be in for a great story.
  • Search YouTube for Star Wars parodies, clips or deleted scenes and have yourself a Tubefest.
  • Create your own memes, YouTube videos, or mashups.
  • Watch a Star Wars documentary or Google information related to it.
  • Look up Star Wars Trivia ready for your next games night
  • Listen to Star Wars music CDs while completing a Star Wars puzzle or jigsaw
  • Play a Star Wars related video game
  • Build some Lego
  • Get creative and make or paint something to do with Star Wars
  • Write your own fan fiction by putting together a mini adventure to add to the stories. You can build your own collection of these.
  • Find out if a cinema near you is running a marathon of Star Wars movies and go along. There you can feel as though you are not alone in self or in your love for star wars because you will be surrounded by others just like you.
  • Get on to a Facebook group or Google hangout and involve yourself in the thread
  • To name just a few…..

Call me a little crazy but I really do love to celebrate Star Wars any way I can, and these are just some of the interesting things I can think of to do that may appeal to you too.


So What Now?


So there’s only two things for you to do now. You’ve read this, now go and have a look at my other article where I discuss the family and group options if you are interested. Next you’ve decided what you want to do, now it’s time to start planning. I would really love to hear what you have got planned too, so please let me know in the comments below, how May the Fourth Be With You, will be effecting you and what activities you will be enjoying on Star Wars Day this year.


Warm Wishes




All images created by myself from my own media.


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