New Star Wars Movie Episode 7 Plot: The Force Awakens: Where Will It Lead?

New Star Wars Movie Episode 7 Plot

Star Wars The Force Awakens Episode 7

Here are my thoughts on the new Star Wars movie episode 7 plot. By now, many of you will have come to realise that my passion for the Star Wars story has been entrenched for many years with me.


One Enchanted Evening


It started with that fateful evening at the drive-in movies with my family, where I sat with eyes glued to the silver screen, on the edge of my seat as Luke Skywalker, Ben (Obiwan) Kenobi, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C3PO and R2D2, set off on an adventure to rescue a princess, discover an all powerful ‘Force’, destroy a Death Star and strike a win against an evil Galactic Empire.


A Flame Was Ignited


I have followed the story ever since, from the original trilogy, to the prequels, through the novels that were released with George Lucas’ permission and approval (now known as Legends), to Disney’s purchase of the franchise. I recently sat in the cinema waiting with equal apprehension as excitement, as The Force Awakens, began to unfold with a whole new era of stories and potential story additions.


Apprehension Built As I Waited For The New Movie Plot To Begin And Play Out.


I was apprehensive because I have loved the star wars Legends series in the Star Wars expanded universe so much that I did not want to see any changes made to the now well known stories which would literally extinguish a considerable number of the new characters that were extensively developed in the star wars expanded universe.

For those of us who have followed the Star Wars story, these books were our lifeline for more adventures, more imagination, more action and just plain MORE Star Wars. We had only this to cling to as we hoped and waited for George Lucas to bring on some more.


As Heartbreaking As It Is To See The End Of One Era, I Embrace The New With Equal Fervour.


For the expanded universe characters not to exist in the canon, which is what Disney are calling any movies, books, shows, games, etc that are related to the franchise that they now own, and that follow the story path they are moving with, has been a very hard pill to swallow.

I have therefore had quite mixed feelings about the new star wars movie plot and what they intend to do with the story from here on. Still, exhilarated as I am to embrace the new, I still do not want to lose the star wars expanded universe and thankfully I’ve realised I don’t have to.

The Legends of the Star Wars Expanded Universe Shall Remain Just That To Me, True and Immortal Legends To Live On Within It’s Fans.


new-Star-Wars-movie-episode-7-plot, Star Wars Books; Vector Prime: R. A. Salvatore

The first installment in the 25 or so New Jedi Order series mentioned

I have thoroughly enjoyed each of the stories in the Legends era, some of them complete sagas in themselves, to the point where one storyline alone had about 25 books and short stories revolving around it in total.


To Tide Us Over Until Lucas Hopefully Made More


This expanded universe is well loved because it was all we had to continue on with this epic saga while waiting to see if George Lucas would ever complete his plans to do 9 movies, which is what the rumour going around was back then.

He was supposed to be doing a series that would prequel the original trilogy, which he did when he released Episodes 1 to 3, and then another series of three movies depicting the events years on from Episodes 4 to 6, which has now become the task of Disney.


The Expanded Universe Goes Way Beyond What Star Wars Had To Offer In 6 Movies


Legends is a massive, well written, symphony of stories that span many years and have been written by a large number of authors, some of which go back and tell the tales 5000 years before the Battle of Yavin in Star Wars A New Hope, and forwards to 40 years or so after.

Star Wars Expanded Universe Achieves Continuity Inside An Elaborate Plot


To be allowed to be published, George Lucas had people checking that the books were all tying in together with not a single event ever being incongruent to the stories. What happened in one book, continued to be maintained in all subsequent books written. The authors often mentioned conferring with their fellow Star Wars authors to nut out how the stories would tie in together or elaborate on each other’s plots so that they could work them into the stories.


Stories That Were Bound To Draw You In And Hook You, How Could They Not?


It was amazing to see this universe come together so intricately and to find such harmony existing throughout the entire collection of around 290 different stories and books, not even including the comics and short stories that were released. These also tantalised me with their various additions in characters and tales. This is also why it is such a shame to see Disney’s move to toss out those stories to start anew with the canons, the work that went in to penning them should have at least counted for something.


So Star Wars Is To Be Given A Fresh New Coat Of Paint


However, Disney would surely have their reasons and I must admit I am curious and enthusiastic to see what happens next. While I am saddened that the Legends books are no longer recognised as the historical events of Star Wars, I am still happy to have more new stories with my beloved characters to read in the future. I also do not intend to let the Legends die. When it comes to the crunch, why can’t I have both?


There I Sat Bursting With Excitement To See What Shape The New Movie Plot Would Take.


I was excited as I sat there with baited breath waiting for the movie to start because now there was a whole new direction and new ideas for the Star Wars story to take. Meaning there will hopefully be a vast new variety of tales of friendship, courage, beating the odds and good versus evil to engross ourselves in.


Refurbishing The Old And In With The New


A complete switch over to brand new ideas that will open up so many more opportunities for the characters that we love to come to life and be almost reborn in a way. To live their lives over differently, now there’s an idea. Old characters revived on screen so we can see our heroes and perhaps even villains in the flesh once again, rather than from the pages of a book to be found only in our imaginations and memories to how the characters looked, acted and interacted.


Now There’s A Choice, Which Universe Will You Read About Today?


There are new characters to get to know and love, that will continue the story once our heroes become too old to be feasibly still fighting the good fight, but maintained in our hearts as their bloodlines will surely be continued. This new direction opens up another universe of Star Wars for us to soak up and become involved in, making it the third direction the story will have begun. It’s almost like having three different alternate Star Wars universes. I have written another article that explains why I consider there to be three different universes that you will be able to find here.


Did Disney Deliver On The Goods?


New_Star_Wars_Movie_episode_7_plot; Han Solo and Chewbacca

Han Solo and Chewbacca aboard the Millennium Falcon once again. Yeah!

So while I sat there in fearful anticipation of what was to come in terms of the complete change in story line to that which I had become accustomed to.

I was also silently cheering the prospect of seeing my hero, Luke Skywalker, and let’s not forget the other heroes, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, R2D2 and C3PO here, on the big screen, in the flesh and in action in what I was expecting to be a close representation of the same style of the original trilogy, complete with humour and charm and perhaps better special effects.


I Was Not Disappointed, It Was The Original Trilogy All Over Again. But That Is What I Love The Most About Star Wars, The Original Trilogy.


You will find mixed reviews on the internet, some loved it, some hated it, some are ho-hum, some felt it was a rehash of the original trilogies. I will say this, I for one, was not disappointed, except for one particular aspect. I did not enjoy watching Han Solo die. He is my second favourite character and to see the end of his participation in the story line, has me a little concerned that Disney will not be up to the task of replacing what he brought to the films. After all, he really is a hard act to follow. I am sad that he will no longer be gracing the screen in typical Han ‘fly by the seat of his pants’ Solo and making us laugh.


Oh Luke, Luke, Where For Art Though Luke?


I was also disappointed that Luke, my hero, was nowhere to be seen in this movie except at the very end where he doesn’t even get any lines. However, I was expecting it for some reason, expecting not to see Luke Skywalker until the end. I have seen some funny memes about his absence, my favourite one calls him the master of hide and seek.

This movie definitely has opened up the door in the future for even more spectacular tales to be told and I for one am looking forward to it with gusto.


The Force Awakens Was A Lot Of Fun


The Force Awakens definitely was delivered in the same fun manner as the original trilogy was directed and filmed. I found myself laughing at the antics of old and new characters alike. There was suspense, action, nostalgia, a villain or two, guesses being made and theories forming in people’s minds, force visions, an almost-Yoda, a droid with a personality like Artoo Detoo, missing persons, dangerous aliens, great special effects, revelations made and a shock factor to add into the fold.


I Will Continue To Watch Each Story As They Are Released


It certainly  has inspired me to keep watching to find out more about the storyline and also to read the new books that have been released. I’d like to get the back story as much as possible, and also to start to get to know our favourite characters better as they have aged and to see what they’ve been up to all these years Disney-style. Books do it better than the movies, they offer so much more descriptive text, thoughts of the characters and information surrounding events than a movie can.


So Has Disney Used Any Of The Ideas Or Stories From The Legends Books?


new Star Wars movie, episode 7 plot, Star Wars Books; Revelation, Karen Traviss, Legacy Of The Force

One of the later expanded universe aka legends book. Revelation by Karen Traviss and part of the Legacy Of The Force series.

I believe that some story elements that came to light in the new star wars movie, episode 7 plot, have definitely been derived to some extent from the star wars expanded universe, and as the story begins to unravel, I’ll be curious to see just how much of this accounting of events is similar to that of the Legends series. Of course it may take all three new movies to release that information. Meanwhile I’ll be paying particular attention to what occurs in any books that will be released while we wait for the next two movies.


There Really Was A Son Who Turned To The Dark Side In The Expanded Universe


There appears to be a few similarities with some favourite characters from the past saga, to The Force Awakens, the new star wars movie, episode 7. For example, in the Expanded Universe (Legends) stories, Han and Leia had 3 children, and one of them did turn to the dark side of the force, without giving too much away. Therefore Kylo Ren was no surprise. Nor was his real name, Ben, however, the Ben in the EU was actually Luke Skywalker’s son.


The Plot Very Closely Follows The ‘Feel’ Of The Original Trilogy


Plot-wise, The Force Awakens, still follows a very similar path in terms of character interaction, storylines, the usual dark side versus light side, a baddie, heroes, a rebellion and a corrupt political party, the Skywalker family history, battle scenes, attack runs, a super weapon of destruction, bickering droids, shock factors and a spark of possible love.


I’m Happy!


So all in all, I am happy to see that Disney have kept on top of the hopes of the Star Wars community with the new star wars movie episode 7 plot, and delivered an exciting thrill ride while maintaining the same fun and enchanting elements of the original Star Wars Trilogy. This has always been my favourite of the saga, and although I loved the special effects and scope of the prequels, the originals will forever hold my heart because it is those characters that I grew up loving and wanted more of.

Now I can see them again, albeit much older, but still the same lovable scoundrel, formidable princess, squabbling droids and calm Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, whom I have yet to see how his character has developed over the years. I feel quite certain that this next trilogy will fast become my second favourite (sorry but I fell in love with a young Luke Skywalker). Bring on the next one Disney, I’m waiting.

May The Force Be With You until next time,


If you have enjoyed this article, please feel free to ask me a question or leave a comment below.




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