Star Wars – A New Hope – My First Love

For my initial blog post I must tell you how it all started. Here it is, my very first love, Star Wars – A New Hope, although back then it was just called Star Wars. As mentioned in my introductory page about myself, I was first introduced to the world of Star Wars in my early teens. I was in my beginning year of high school, thirteen years of age, when I found love.

Star Wars A New Hope, my first love, star wars, a new hope

A very old and tattered Star Wars book cover

I Found Love!

Not the kind of love where you play spin the bottle at teenager parties, but the kind of love that turns into a furious passion. I found love at a bookshop in a quaint little historical homestead that had been turned into a gallery for the art works of children’s literature. Yes, on a school excursion, I discovered my love of reading, particularly books like Star Wars.

I love any kind of adventure, fantasy or science fiction stories but it was this story in particular that lead me down the path to reading. Of expecting and finding excitement and imagination. This book has been read so many times now that the pages are yellowed with age and are falling out. I may have to replace it someday but as my first, I am hesitant. I am forever thankful that I can lose myself in a book for hours at a time and escape the everyday troubles and worries for a while at least.

An Emotional Attachment


In my copy of Star Wars which I bought in 1978, George Lucas writes “I think that anyone who goes to the movies loves to have an emotional experience. It’s basic… whether you’re seven, seventeen or seventy. The more intense the experience, the more successful the film.” Well he certainly was able to produce that kind of response in me as a thirteen year old girl rapt in the idea of worlds beyond the stars.

Dictionary Attached At Hand I Was Armed To Read!


My Dictionary Was My Best Friend


I believe this is also true of books. I developed an emotional attachment to the story, so much so that I wanted to grasp every single bit of it. I kept a dictionary in an old exercise book, where I could write down the meanings of all the words in the novel that I didn’t understand.  

 An Educational Experience

This allowed me to better experience the story. So you could even go so far as to say that Star Wars was an educational resource for me too, it certainly expanded my horizons along with my vocabulary.

And this was long before the movie ever came to my town, well drive-in anyway. I’m sure the movie had been released but I would have been too young to be going off to the movies on my own then. We didn’t get to see it until it was showing at the drive-in where the whole family could go for a lesser cost, after all, there were also 4 other siblings to consider.

3 Major Elements Make Magic



The Magic In Between The Pages Of A Book

When I say I developed an emotional attachment to it, I really do mean that. The books truly were magical to me. I didn’t just READ the book, I FELT it. It was more than an emotion, much more. I had, and still have, physical reactions when I read it.

 A Greater Connection

There is a difference when you read a book and when you see a movie based on the book. While reading, you get to know what each character is thinking. Then when you watch the movie, you connect more with the characters and feel like you are actually with them in the movie.

The two together is what made me become so attached, and now whenever I read a new story, I take the visions of the movies and imagine what the faces of the characters at each part of the story might look like, and piece together in my imagination, a true experience. Then once you add in the ‘feelings’ aspect you gain a deeper experience.

Feelings Spark Long Term Memory


When I started reading it was during Summer. We had hot days with little to no breeze for many days at a time. If we did have a breeze it too, was hot or warm until the cool change hit towards evening (if we were lucky). I would sit in the shade on the steps of my verandah trying to find a cool spot to relax and read for ages. The majority of the book’s beginning is set in the desert on Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tattooine, so my imagination was already stimulated by my physical surroundings similar in description to the book.


Star wars, a new hope

I read on my porch in the shade for the most part, but this could almost have been me


It was like a 3D movie experience when you sit in a theatre and they spray water on you, or you feel something brush against your legs, or experience a gust of cold wind. There I was reading about the heat of dry sun-scorched flatlands, twin suns and evaporated sea beds, with the occasional mention of a breeze, which I was also feeling from time to time myself while reading. It must’ve been this combination that helped bring the book to life for me. I ‘experienced’ the story from a three dimensional perspective and therefore received more meaning from it.

Virtual Reality Before It’s Time?


To this day, whenever I read Star Wars the original book from the first book/movie, I can still occasionally ‘feel’ that hot breeze and feel the warmth of the sun on my face. It doesn’t matter if I am indoors or reading it in the middle of winter, I still get those sensations. They say that certain smells can instill a thought or memory that triggers every time we smell that particular scent, The same must be true for physical feelings triggering memory.

What If?


I wonder what might have happened had I not had that experience with feeling the breeze while reading the book. Perhaps I would not be as glued to the pages as I am now, if I had felt nothing. But I am very glad that I did because it has induced a true passion within me to get more and more into the star wars universe and get my fill of the characters and their adventures. I think that the fact that the books are written very tongue in cheek and quirky, with some comedic elements running throughout, goes a long way into keeping the excitement alive and enhances the entertainment value of what you are reading.

Last But Not Least, My Hero


This article would not be complete without reference to the one major factor in my Star Wars experience. If anyone can produce that feeling, that involvement with all my heart, in a story, it would have to be Luke Skywalker. I first saw a picture of him in the book and I was like, wow, he is gorgeous. And like any 13 year old girl, it was easy to drift away in those breezes and imagine sharing the adventures of this dashing young hero. The last element was my heart. Alas, I could not stop looking at that picture.

You Had Me At “I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m Here To Rescue You”


Once I saw the movie, it was all over rover. I was sunk, deep in dreams of a lightsaber wielding, space venturing, rescuing princesses, blowing up Death Stars, innocent farm boy with a sparkle in his eye and a face so expressive that it melted my heart. I was not able to get the exact picture to show you here, my book copy did not scan well, but here is another of my favourite Luke faces.


Star Wars Luke Skywalker. hero, hero luke skywalker, star_wars, a_new_hope

My heart ached in sympathy as Luke Skywalker sadly says goodbye to his dreams


How could anyone not feel sorry for him and sense his feelings of loss at this moment depicted in the image above? Well I couldn’t! I don’t know what it was that truly made me relate so well to this character. Teenage hormones played a fairly large role, but perhaps I too felt a sense of loneliness at the time. Maybe I did not feel that I was fulfilling my own dreams yet.

It Was All “Such A Long Way From Here”


I know I was excited at the prospect of space travel and was disappointed that it was all so far away from reality back then. After all, it had only been about 12 years since man had only just managed to land on the moon. Nowadays, while we are much closer to this achievement, it is still likely to be a long way off.

Time for me to wrap up my reminiscing on my first love in the form of Star Wars A New Hope I think, although I would like to wrap Luke up, also my first love. Thinking like a 13 year old teenager again here!

Thank you for sharing this experience with me

I invite you to share your own memories from when you saw or read the original Star Wars movie in the comments below.

Warm Wishes





Book Cover is from my own media.

Magical Hat image By Tanemori (HatenaFotolife) [CC BY 2.1 jp (], via Wikimedia Commons

Other images are from a free source or from my own media



9 thoughts on “Star Wars – A New Hope – My First Love

  1. Hello there
    You know, i have never seen a whole star wars movie, only a little bit here and a little bit there. I remember some “glimts” from when i was young. But that’s it. And star wars have to be the most popular movie ever:)
    I can see it made a good and deep impression on you:) Guess you can’t buy that book anymore, so maybe i should sit down one evening and at least see the movie.
    Thank you for a great post, enjoyed it:)

  2. Ange

    Thanks Jorunn for your comment. It’s funny, I know quite a few people who have never seen the movies so I’m sure they think I am quite odd when I rave about it. As a girl I always loved it. But the expanded universe books really made the story gain momentum and depth. I’ll be offering links to them all soon. Hopefully the original Star Wars will still be around. I can’t guarantee you will love the movies because not everyone is into fantasy and sci fi type genres, but it’s worth a check out anyway. Hope you get the chance. Ange

  3. Brandon

    Hey there!

    I really enjoyed the way you worded your article, I almost sensed all of the expressions you mentioned. I know firsthand the experience of losing yourself in the pages of a good book so I was able to relate to that. When it comes to Star Wars, I never had any exposure to it throughout my 21 years of life until the most recent movie hit theaters just a few months ago and I felt hooked. I know that the original movies must be even better so I look forward to catching up with everything I missed. How would you say that the series changed the outlook on your life in the long run?


    • Ange

      Hi Brandon.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. It’s great to meet another avid reader. I’m glad you ‘felt’ the article and how much Star Wars impacted my life as a young teen at the time. I hope if you do get to catch up with the original movies you will enjoy them also. They were made a long time ago so in terms of special effects in comparison to now, they may not ‘wow’ you as they did me, but the storyline was a lot of fun and had all the elements required for a good story. I urge you if you like reading and like Star Wars, please have a look at the other books too, both in the previous expanded universe and now in the new canon. They are equally well written. It’s funny you should ask me how it has changed my outlook on life in the long run because I was only just in the process of planning to write an article on how my life has been shaped because of it. I have recently realised just how much of an impact it has had, right down to my eventual move into working with alternative healing treatments and modalities. The ‘Force’ does work in mysterious ways it seems and I have always hoped for a little of that magic in my life. Perhaps you’d like to revisit my site again soon for a more in depth answer to your question.

      Warm wishes


    • Ange

      Hi Brandon.
      I have published my article on how the Star Wars movies have changed my life. If you would like to read it I’ll put the link in here for you.
      Thanks again for your interaction on my site.
      Warm wishes

  4. jazzy323

    The first movie I ever went to see was in fact star wars so this post really does touch me in different ways as i also felt many differen emotions after watching the movie. i remembered crying, feeling sad, feeling happy and all around i wanted to see another star wars movie. Its clear how much star wars means to you

    • Ange

      Thank you so much for your comment

      Star Wars really did mean that much to me. Did you end up getting to see all of the movies? I waited a long time to see a continuation of the story of my favourite heroes of the original trilogy. It has been really great being able to read the books and stories of the expanded universe, and now that the Disney canon has taken over, there will be even more new stories. I’m really quite excited to see what they come up with next.

  5. Netta

    Hey Ange:

    Oh, lovely! The Star Wars epic was a glorious trip…all the elements of the Hero archetype wrapped up in a grand and sweeping story that had us panting for more.
    My own favorite thing were the weird and wonderful creatures and civilizations that wandered through it all. (I am particularly fond of Eewoks and I’d be really thrilled with Chewbacca as a back-up my own self.)

    An interesting aside. At the time of the first series, Tibetan Buddhism was making forays into the awareness of Western culture. Master Yoda was patterned after one of the great teachers out of Tibet: Kalu Rimpoche. I thought that was a cool factoid….

    • Ange

      Hi Netta

      Thank you for sharing in my excitement of the Star Wars saga. I know just what you mean, the aliens certainly did expand my hopes of outer space and what we may come across once the human race finally venture into the vast unknown. Good old Chewie and the Ewoks! I am in the process of writing a blog about the devastating news this morning of Carrie Fisher’s death. Feeling quite emotional over it. I loved my Luke Skywalker, but Princess Leia was who I wished I could be with the dashing heroes falling all over themselves for her. RIP Carrie.


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