Star Wars And The Force – A Significant Guidance “Of The Force”?

The magical concept of Star Wars and the “Force” impacted my life in amazing ways and I often consider it to be a ‘guidance’ of the force if there was any such thing in this world. Almost as if it was real, and without me even realising it. Go figure! All these years I had been smitten by the light and dark side of the force, and how there are force visions and people being guided by the force and moving things around by an invisible energy field, even healing others in some of the novels I have read in the star wars expanded universe. And all this time I had no idea that I was being ushered by my passions into a world where the notion of the force is not so far-fetched.

It seems impossible, but when I look back on how haphazard and zig-zagging from here to there my life has been until now, I am not in the least surprised to think that ‘something’ must have been pushing and shoving me to go in the direction I have. It certainly was not something I had plans on doing from a young age.


What Is The Force?


Star Wars and the force, Luke Skywalker

“The force?” asks Luke in confusion.

“The Force?” Asks Luke Skywalker of Ben Kenobi In Star Wars episode IV A New Hope.

To which Ben, aka Obi Wan Kenobi responds “While the force has never been properly explained, scientists have theorised it is an energy field generated by living things……The force surrounds each and every one of us. Some men believe that it directs our actions, and not the other way around” (excerpt taken directly from the pages of the George Lucas novel of Star Wars).


Am I Crazy?


It sounds a little crazy when I re-read my own introduction to this article, but I am actually a little bit, just a wee bit, serious in what I am saying. The impact has been a subtle one, full of the subterfuges of life’s challenges and blessings in disguise and many twists and turns. It’s only just now that I am starting to see how life has followed a particular path for me. For those of you who have read my About Ange page, you will understand my love for Star Wars and everything related to it, but what you won’t be aware of is that I am a carer/caregiver to my adult daughter who has mental illness from childhood trauma. Our journey has been long and difficult, you can read about it here if you wish to know more, and as a result, many of my hopes and dreams turned to stardust over time. Or so I thought. The force really does work in mysterious ways it would seem.


A Little Background Would Be Appropriate Now.


You may have read a very brief description in my post here, about a small part of our challenges, but I will elaborate slightly more now. My daughter, at a very young age, developed childhood leukaemia, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia or ALL as it is abbreviated as, to be precise. She was only 3¾ years old when this happened. She spent the next 2½ years in and out of hospital being treated with chemotherapy and the rest of the treatment protocol, which involved regular blood tests, lumbar punctures, bone marrow aspirates, extended stays in hospital, etc. Needless to say, it was our entire life for that period of time, and then some, and it wasn’t a great quality of life to say the least.


The Losses Were Mounting


On top of the upheaval emotionally, physically and psychologically for the both of us, I lost my job, we lost our home, our friends disappeared, I didn’t have a lot of family support nearby and I was a single mother as well. This was the beginning of our journey and we are still traveling it until the day my daughter either recovers fully (perhaps a hope that may never be fully realised) or we can manage her disorders in the best possible and healthiest way for her. She’s 27 at the time of writing this.


We Now Have A ‘Name’



Amygdala of the Brain

After many years of suffering, she has been diagnosed only recently as having adult ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and more significantly, complex Developmental PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

This came about due to the Amygdala in her brain being immature at the time she became ill, and it became enlarged and extremely overactive due to the stress of having surgeries, needles, medicines that she was forced to take, and long hospital stays never knowing what they were going to do to her next. The Amygdala is the emotional center of the brain that stores and reacts to emotional stimulus.


Hold Onto Your Seats And Your Dreams Too


The long term effects have been devastating for both of us. She is affected first hand, and I am affected because I have been the one who’s been there to support her through all of these years and putting on hold my own life’s dreams. It would appear fate got a two for the price of one bargain here. I am in the process of trying to change all of this, its a constant battle, but progress we do make, albeit slowly.


How Does All Of This Relate To The Force? Let Me Elaborate


Once we got through the immediate urgency of her illness and the ensuing treatment, my next move was to seek understanding of what happened to her, how could this have occurred in one so young of age? You go through all the associated guilt and worry that maybe it was somehow your fault so I started down the path of discovery completely oblivious to just how closely my eventual calling in life would be in line with this journey to enlightenment.


How Did This Happen?


First I asked questions about how Leukaemia manifests in the first place. Ruling out genetic inheritance as no one else in my family has ever had Leukaemia, I found that there were several theories. The most common and likely was that we are exposed to so many toxins and chemicals with nearly everything we eat, drink, touch, work with, use or put on our bodies, that the body becomes more prone to genetic mutations which lead to disease.


The Womb Is Not Immune


Even in the womb the growing fetus is exposed. The growth and development of man right through to this technical age with all it’s blessings, really has a lot to answer for in terms of it’s affects on our health. To combat this for us, I found ways to rid our lives of, or reduce our exposure to such environmental poisons. So now I knew a little bit more, but I still had a lot to learn about other aspects.


Can We Feel The Force Too?



Obi wan Kenobi finds Luke’s father’s lightsaber for Luke to have

Obi wan Kenobi tells Luke that “The force is omnipresent. It envelops you as it radiates from you. A Jedi warrior can actually feel the force as a physical thing. It is an energy field and something more. An aura that at once controls and obeys. It is a nothingness that can accomplish miracles. No one, not even the Jedi scientists, were able to truly define the force….Sometimes there is as much magic as science in the explanation of the force” (excerpt taken directly from the pages of the George Lucas novel of Star Wars).


So the force is a kind of magic then, a magic within all of us?


University Sheds Some Light



My Graduation From My Bachelor of Health Science Degree

Next I decided to go to university to study the body and how it functions right down to the very basics, such as molecular functions and processes within the cells. The degree was a Bachelor of Health Science. I wanted to know what changes would have taken place in her tiny little body to cause her Leukaemia to develop.


A Lesson From Simple String


There I learned of cells, of chromosomes and the even smaller atoms and something struck me in one particular lecture with a laboratory experiment that accompanied the learning module.

It was such a simple one where we placed 3 different coloured threads laying across each other on a plate and placed them for viewing under a microscope. We assumed they were actually touching because we had after all laid them over the top of each other. Common sense, our own eyes, and what we thought we knew to be the truth, dictated that they must be touching.


We Are All Made Of Energy


star wars, and the force

If these threads were touching each other and the table, and you looked under a microscope, you would see they are really NOT touching at all. Energy (Their makeup of protons, neutrons and electrons), keeps them from completely touching.

It was here that I discovered that we truly are all made of energy, as Obi wan told Luke. Because when we got down to looking at them under higher and higher magnifications, we saw that they were not in fact touching. It was very apparent that there were spaces in between each string.


My Mind Was Changed


The higher the magnification, the further apart the pieces of string were from each other. It was quite astonishing. If I hadn’t seen if I would’ve had trouble believing it. Due to the electrons, basically the energy, whizzing around each atom that made up the pieces of string, the pieces were being held together but slightly apart by the electric field. Therefore, my thought patterns were permanently changed that day to accept that all things truly are made up of energy.


A Person’s Aura Is Much Like This


Once again speaking of the force, Yoda says in episode V The Empire Strikes Back “life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us…..feel the force around you. Here, between you, and me and that tree and rock. (Excerpt taken directly from the novel of The Empire Strikes Back). Yoda seems to be describing this very phenomenon.

Star_Wars_and_the_force, Yoda

Yoda Tells Luke Of The Force And It’s Energy

In other words, even something that appeared completely solid, at some point in magnification, would still not be touching the other substances that made up it’s components and would not be solid at all. This was explained at the time as everything being a form of energy in one way or another. This really stuck with me and I always remembered it as something fascinating. Little did I know just how important and memorable this seemingly insignificant fact would become later on in my learning.


I Learned About Disease, Toxins, The Immune System and Leukaemia


During this degree I also began to understand how the bombardment of unnatural substances such as the toxins of everyday living in our modern lives can cause mutations in genetic makeup which apparently is how Leukaemia, and other forms of cancers and tumours, begin in the body. The body becomes dis-eased and the immune system struggles to fight off all the foreign substances that are introduced to our bodies. Things were starting to fall into place.


The Roots Of The Theory Behind The Force Can Be Found In Science


The force had never really been explained particularly well in the original trilogy, it was a bit on the airy fairy side, but when the prequels were made, it appears George Lucas wished to add a bit of scientific explanation into his notion of it. The wider acceptance of new age ideas may also have been a contributing factor.

Star Wars and, the force ,Midi-chlorians

Qui Gon speaks of Midi-chlorians to Anakin

“Midi-chlorians? What Are Midi-chlorians Qui Gon Sir?”

Qui Gon Jin in The Phantom Menace tells a 9 year old Anakin Skywalker that  “midi-chlorians are microscopic life forms that reside within the cells of all living things and communicate with the force….We are symbionts with them……Life forms living together for mutual advantage. Without the midi-chlorians life could not exist.” (Excerpt taken directly from The Phantom Menace episode 1 novel)


Midi-chlorians or Mitochondria?


With this explanation he could just as easily be describing the Mitochondria in each of our cells. One theory discussed while I was studying at university was that of there being a symbiotic relationship between a parasitic bacterial organism and another single celled organism. This bacteria produced its own source of energy so that when it entered the cells of another organism, it’s payment for living within it was to give some of the energy it produced to it’s host and in turn it received protection from the outside world.


Perhaps We Are All Risen From Bacteria


It is theorised that this combination of single cellular organisms gave birth to multi-cellular organisms on Earth and that this bacteria became the mitochondria in our cells, which is literally the power house of all cells. The similarity between midi-chlorians and mitochondria extends to his point that life would not be able to live without the Midi-chlorians, in much the same way as life without mitochondria.


Can Anything Be Done To Prevent Such Damage To Our DNA and Energy?


Food as medicine

Chinese Herb Market

My next step of the way was to begin studying Naturopathy where I learned that the body, given the right environment and the right tools, such as proper food, education about health and nature’s medicines, had every chance of healing itself.

I started looking at what other preventative methods were out there and came across many amazing theories and ideas that mainly involved using food and herbs to maintain health. Rather than enable the body to become sick, the body is assisted to stay well.


Energy Exists In Everything, Even Our Thoughts


Whole Foods

Whole Foods

I even came across a well known theory that when people direct love to plants, they have been know to thrive and become more nutritious, leading me to accept the theory that love is also a form of energy, which in turn means that intent and thought may be just as likely to be forms of energy also, as suggested by the Law of Attraction movement.

It is widely known that plants have auras too, and that all living things do have an energy field. So if plants have energy, and are used as medicine, then perhaps there is something to be said of eating whole foods rather than dead processed foods that carry next to zero nutrients.

Which brings us back to the whole energy being our life force and that things can deplete it or enhance it, in which case, eating such wholesome foods would be a good place to start to maintain health rather than foster disease. I began to see the balance between what nature provides for us to live in the most beneficial ways and saw that nature carried many of my answers. I’m starting to even think like a Jedi by now.


Plants, Essential Oils and Frequencies Cannot Be Ignored


Aura - Energy Field

Aura – Energy Field


My gaze then turned towards yet another form of nature, but in a more potent form that herbal teas and tinctures. My world met the world of essential oils.

I discovered that the essential oils found in plants have many components, provided they are extracted correctly and in the most efficient way possible, that are considered to be very beneficial in supporting the body to remain healthy.


Essential Oils Have Auras Too


Essential oils have been found to possess energy fields too, which is what makes them unique in this assistance of the body. Something that I may not have believed if I had not first began my understanding of how we are all made up of energy back in my university days. So here I was again, being thrown into the concept of energy and it’s association with life force, and akin to the force of star wars. The introduction of substances that are not naturally needed by the body can disrupt the body’s energy field leading to disease or illness.


Then Came The Frequencies


It was here my interest in frequencies was piqued when I had heard of how essential oils carry specific frequencies and vibrate at different levels, and that music also can be played in healing frequencies to assist the body to increase its vibration towards better health. Energy fields, vibration and frequencies are very connected to each other and our overall well being. I wrote an article on another site about using frequency music to assist in correcting levels of stress. It’s amazing how far I have come from the days when I was only trying to understand how my daughter became ill and how we might prevent future recurrences of cancer.


Energy Healing – In Many Ways Is Like Using The Force


I became more and more interested in energy and its universal connection between everything as Yoda in his wisdom pointed out to Luke Skywalker. I was beginning to see how a break in one’s aura or disruption of it, could lead to generally unpleasant outcomes in terms of physical, mental and emotional states. I seemed to find more and more people who used different forms of energy healing. I was drawn to the alternative health modalities and learned how to do


Enter Reiki


Reiki - Hands on Healing

Reiki – Hands on Healing

Reiki is a hands on technique that involves working with energy fields to help re-balance another person’s energy field, which may be very beneficial for them if they have been unwell or not themselves lately.

I was still very skeptical about how well it worked but I must admit, the more I have used it, the more I can feel the energy flowing around in people and myself.


Add In Essential Oils And Wow!


I also use my essential oils to enhance the effects of the Reiki if a person wishes, and have definitely felt an increase in the energy levels when using it, so I have no doubt in my mind that the essential oils work with the energy field as well.


Chakras And Crystals Are Energy Centres


The other modalities and techniques which I have embraced along my way and utilise, also work largely with helping balance the energies of those who need it. I’m learning more about the chakras presently, which although I’ve always liked the idea of crystals, and own some already, I am really only beginning to see the true potential of how they may magnify energy healing. I just thought they were pretty, now I think this whole concept of energy and what tools are out there to enhance and support the maintenance of our energy fields and thus in turn support our own health and healing is awesome.


Emotional Healing Is My Path


I have been working on my daughter to try some of these techniques for some time now to no avail, because she hasn’t always seen things the way I have and wasn’t interested in trying them. However recently she began some research on a few things and it appears she has been finally coming to the same conclusions as me. It’s funny how pathways don’t always align until both people are ready and it is my hope that now we may finally be able to walk down the road to recovery, particularly her emotional trauma. Interestingly enough, my own path has led to a passion for emotional healing.





Thank You Star Wars For Bringing Me Closer To The  Energy Of The Force


In terms of Star Wars and the “Force”, I am eternally grateful to this story for opening up my mind to the possibilities, even though it was before it’s time a little with the acceptance of people to the notion of the force. When I was that innocent young teen stargazing at the swashbuckling hero, the space battles, the princess in need of rescuing, and listening to the wisdom of a miniature green being, not of any species I’ve ever seen before, I never in a million years would have imagined my life to find this magic in real life.


Have you had an experience like mine with ‘the force’? If so, please open up a conversation in my comments section below.

Thank you for reading this rather long account of my force experience.

Warm Wishes,





Image of the amygdala courtesy of NIH under the following licence  No changes were made.


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