Star Wars Books – Imagine This! Several Alternate Star Wars Universes.

Star Wars Books, keep the expanded universe alive

Yoda and C3PO, Still Part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe

While there is a whole fresh era now begun of new Star Wars books and stories, I have been feeling compelled for some time to write varying articles about the books of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.


Did You Know?


Are you even aware there were other Star Wars books that were written aside from the novelisations of the 6 movies? How exciting is it for you to know that Yoda lives on through his appearances in many of the books? C3PO and R2D2 still continue their bantering across years and galaxies.


Disney – Dismal Or Dazzling?


Now Disney has purchased the franchise. Meaning the previous official storylines that were written outside of the baseline stories of the actual saga, are no longer to be considered part of the Star Wars story at all. I feel that this wonderful collection of stories and tales of adventure will struggle to stay alive. But I hope I can change all of that by helping people to discover that this change in ownership, and scrapping of so many stories that many of us die-hard fans have been holding dear to our hearts, does not signal the end of this fantastic kaleidoscope of history and exploits. In fact it opens up a whole new concept in Star Wars mania. Stay with me while I elaborate more.


They’re Just Like The Movies


If you’ve never read other Star Wars stories but love the movies, you are missing out on some fantastic excitement and extended tales by ignoring a whole other universe of adventures. The books and comics etc, have all been written with the same kind of style as the original movie trilogy; A New Hope (IV), Empire Strikes Back (V) and Return Of The Jedi (VI). So when you read them, it’s like watching yet another of the movies. As a character says or does something, you can almost see it in your imagination being played out in a scene in a movie.


The Story Continues With New Villains And Heroes While Maintaining What We Know And Love About Star Wars


I say universe because many people are totally unaware that Star Wars was expanded into a massive universe of storylines surrounding many of the characters we have come to love or hate. It has also depicted tales from some of the lesser known characters whose stories have become deeply entrenched with our main heroes throughout various inclusions or spin offs in the main thread of the story. They have introduced formidable and fearsome new villains along with courageous and skilled unlikely heroes that have also become ingrained in this Star Wars culture that I seem to have gravitated towards all my life.


5000+ Years Of Star Wars History


This expanded universe has spanned across a time frame of some 5000 years prior to episode 4, A New Hope, and up to 40 years and more afterwards. Most people call it a universe but as you will see shortly, there really are about 3 different aspects now in the Star Wars saga. You might even consider that there are 3 alternate Star Wars universes out there now that the new Disney movie, episode 7, The Force Awakens, has been released.


Wow, Three Alternate Star Wars Universes Did You Just Say?


Star-Wars-Books, comics

An example of just some of the comic books alone, let alone the novels, that have been released over time in the Star Wars Expanded Universe

Yes, I did. Three whole different story threads to follow and find enjoyment from. You have the Star Wars Expanded Universe that is now known as the Legends series and up until Disney bought the Star Wars franchise, it was the official continuation of the story and characters with the blessing and approval of George Lucas.


Legends Or Canons, It’s All The Same To Me – Star Wars Just Is.


Then you have the new stories that have been labelled the Star Wars canon, which incorporates all new story lines that are being created by Disney and also some books, TV series and games that have been written that span the time in between Return Of The Jedi, episode 6, and the new movie, The Force Awakens, episode 7, some thirty years later. There are some of the books from the expanded universe that have made their way into the canon, of which I will speak of in another article.


But There Is A Little Known Tiny Third Universe


This third universe is really a part of the first one, but due to the direction George Lucas took with the character development could not truly be considered to exist in this star wars universe and therefore has been often overlooked. The direction it was heading would have been the one I would have been the most happy to watch as the story unfolded. Not that I didn’t like the course it ended up following, because I loved that too, and to be honest, I’m pretty excited about the route the new movies seem to be heading in too.


One Story To Begin With


The third universe of which I am speaking began when Alan Dean Foster penned the movie novelisation of episode 4, A New Hope, initially titled Star Wars, under the name of George Lucas and was then allowed to go on to write a second novel, Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye, outlining another of the adventures of Luke Skywalker.

This book is listed in the Star Wars Expanded Universe (Legends) but was never continued as a story thread which is why I say it is a tiny universe, however there is potential there for it to be bigger.

But at the time this book hit the shelves the mere thought of this notion, that more stories about my hero Luke Skywalker were being thought up, had my heart fluttering in anticipation of what might come.


My High Hopes Took A Dive


Star_Wars_Books, Empire Strikes Back

The Famous Kiss Scene Between Luke and Leia in The Empire Strikes Back

I bought this second book with the hopes that my hero would get the girl, in other words, Princess Leia, whom to all appearances was initially set to become the love interest of Luke. I was not disappointed because in this book, Luke and Leia it would seem, were headed in the direction that I was so desperate to see.


The Characters Were The Same


Here, Luke was still the innocent farm boy who lost his home and family to the Empire to become the hero of the Rebellion, and Leia was still the Princess of a blown up planet, regal in all ways, including title, but in this thread their love appeared to be blossoming in what looked to be a fairy tale type eventual culmination.


Why Did George Lucas Have To Go And Change His Mind?


However, George Lucas had other plans for the characters as he revealed in the Return Of The Jedi, the final installment of the saga, thus ending forever my school girl dreams of romance and passion for my Luke in the ‘other’ official universe. I’m not really sure why Lucas made the decision for Luke and Leia to be brother and sister, when it could have just as easily been only Luke as the son of Darth Vader and the hero still get the girl, but I guess it gave a bit of a twist to the storyline when the expected ending did not eventuate.


Who Couldn’t Fall For A Scoundrel?


I can see why Lucas decided the Princess would fall for the scoundrel Han Solo because after all, he is also a well loved character in the movies and it might have been more unexpected for a Princess to fall in love with a smuggler instead of the main hero, even though Han was also a hero in his own right. Although following traditional fairy tales, the peasant-prince or princess theme is always a strong happy ending.


But Wait, It Doesn’t Have To Always Be Like This, I Now Have A Choice


I am glad to know that with these alternate universes, I am still able to literally choose my own theme of events and endings. If I so desire, I can decide to forget what I know happened in the main storyline because in this alternate universe, Luke and Leia were unrelated, and therefore my imagination can dream up all kinds of ‘other’ endings and stories.

If only more stories in this particular universe had been written before Lucas changed his mind on how the story between the characters would develop, now that would have given me something to look forward to with my own ideas I held in my head about what should happen between Luke and Leia. But sadly, this was not to be.

But now there is another way. I can also choose to go with another universe such as that in the star wars legends or the soon to be revealed canon that Disney are creating.


Thankfully My Hero Would Find Love In Some Universe Somewhere


Star Wars-Books, Specter Of The Past, Timothy Zahn

My first exposure to the Star Wars Expanded Universe, now Legends began with the book Heir to The Empire by Timothy Zahn. The second installment of the series began with this book Specter Of The Past, also by Timothy Zahn.

The good news is that while the official George Lucas’ version of the Star Wars saga had Luke missing out on the girl, the Star Wars Expanded Universe books found love for Luke several times, the latest and most beloved was Mara Jade, first appearing in the Thrawn Trilogy. Mara was one of the Emperor’s Hands who initially set out on a mission to assassinate Luke and ended up marrying him in a later book series. Mara has become legendary herself due to the outstanding story lines surrounding this star wars books series.


What If Mara Jade Became Canon?


The Mara Jade inclusion is a great story, and also happens to be the very first book of the expanded universe (now Legends) that I ever read aside from Splinter Of Mind’s Eye. It was reading the first book of this series, Heir To The Empire, that I discovered that there were other very interesting sounding events that had apparently happened in the Star Wars Universe.

I found myself searching for the rest of the books in second hand book stores just to find out what happened in the events that had my interest piqued in one book or another. Then once I caught up on the ones I had missed the release of, I patiently awaited the new releases. I’d like to write more on Mara, but there is a lot to write so I shall save it for another article. Suffice it to say, I would LOVE to see her in the Disney stories.


So Is There A Skywalker Offspring?


The Disney franchise with the release of Episode 7, The Force Awakens, alludes to the possibility of there being an offspring of Luke Skywalker, meaning that he must have experienced some romance in the thirty years or so since The Return Of The Jedi, but this remains a mystery until perhaps Disney release the next movie and may explain the current situation of where the movie ended. Needless to say, it has left me wondering on all kinds of scenarios and excited to catch a glimpse of what is to come of the new developments.


Who’s ‘Business’ Has Luke Skywalker Been Poking Around In?


Or to discover the reasons behind why the character of Luke Skywalker has been so elusive for such a long period of time. Maybe, just maybe, Mara will make an appearance and turn their story of Legend into a Canon, but I doubt it, Disney don’t seem interested in keeping the expanded universe alive. But wouldn’t that be fantastic? Just thinking of the potential movies that could be made from the stories of the expanded universe makes my heart race. I have often wondered if they ever made another movie, whether they would use some of the stories and characters of the Legends. I have a sneaking suspicion that they have used some of the ideas already but brought them into the movie in a different way.


It’s Not Over Until You Say It Is.


If you love the Star Wars saga in any way, I urge you to disregard the fact that the Legends stories are not part of the canon anymore and read the stories anyway. Just pretend that they are alternate universe stories and then anything is possible. You will be extremely happy that you did. It does not matter to me that they are no longer true to the story, because they will always be true to me.

I will always be able to read whichever universe I like and the events and characters will be reborn for me regardless of which universe I am in at the time. I will choose to ignore the other universes and concentrate on the one I am visiting. So it’s not over until you say that you have had enough of revisiting each of the universes of the Star Wars books. I can be happy in any of them.

Thank you for reading and I hope you make the decision to visit these other alternate universes to see what all the fuss is about. If they stop producing the paperback versions, I’m sure that the ebooks will not be discontinues.

Yours from the fandom universe,




All images have been derived from my own media or from a free source.

4 thoughts on “Star Wars Books – Imagine This! Several Alternate Star Wars Universes.

  1. Dmitriy

    Hey Ange,

    I totally understand your feelings when you say that no matter what you will stay in that SW universe you like the most. What’s been happening with SW universe is not the first thing of a kind I’m witnessing throughout my life, but I always hated when a canon of some amazing epic story was changed at the whim of a new “owner” of a franchise.

    I hated it and I never understood what such an approach can possibly achieve for anyone. I mean that old fans will most likely hate such a thing. New people will become fans or not and if they do, wouldn’t it be more interesting for them to dig deeper into the history of a universe? Watch old movies, read old books to better understand characters and their motives?

    I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of SW universe(s), mainly because of those inconsistencies. Don’t get me wrong – I love SW movies, especially the original trilogy ofc. No matter what others are saying I loved the newer ones. I played quite a few SW games, including Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy and my favorites – Knights of the Old Republic 1-2 – and I really enjoyed them all (btw, Luke appears in Jedi Academy and teaches some padawans, IIRC). What I’m trying to say is it’s really difficult to understand which part of SW belongs to which universe and that’s what really turned me away from becoming a bigger fan of Star Wars.

    Which is sad, because there aren’t too many things as fun and entertaining as this franchise.

    • Ange

      Hi Dmitriy.

      Thank you for reading my article and understanding why I believe it is important for Star Wars fans to familiarise themselves with all of the different storylines in the saga, whether they are the newly developed Canon, or other. The stories are so rich in adventure, fun and the fight against darkness, that it would be such a shame to miss out on any of them. So much happens in the stories that keep you on the edge of your seat.

      I think your game Jedi Academy is based on one of the book series The Jedi Academy Trilogy in the Legends (old Expanded Universe) novels. I’m not sure but it is a series about how Luke has begun his own Jedi Academy and has searched around for possible new apprentices. Naturally, some things go wrong and the dark side of the force is involved.

      It’s a shame that not being able to follow where everything fits into place has put you off getting more involved in Star Wars. I am planning on documenting where everything fits in together in terms of novels first, then I will delve into the comics and then the games hopefully. Maybe that will help other people to enjoy Star Wars more with less confusion.

      Keep on enjoying the movies. I’ll let you in on a secret. My favourites are the old trilogy, but I loved the prequels and now the new movies too. I know other people didn’t like the prequels, but not me. They solidified the story and that’s what counts to me.

      Thank you


      • Hey, yeah, I also feel like that! You know how everyone’s a professional cinema critic nowadays? I hate this stuff. People just go to the cinema, watch a new movie, actually ENJOY it, and then they say: “Meh, stupid movie, this sucked, that was dumb, the actors are mediocre” – and so on.
        I once read a comment on one of SW prequels somewhere – a guy asked people to stop acting like idiots, because “The main purpose of Star Wars was always to have FUN watching them”. I really think that guy is a genius, lol. And I totally agree with him.
        Can’t say I clearly remember Jedi Academy’s story, and I can’t confirm if it’s based on the book series (sorry, I’m just too lazy to google it right now, lol), but it might very well be true.
        If you really plan to delve into the games, then I highly recommend playing Knights of the Old Republic 1-2 (NOT an mmorpg The Old Republic). The story of those 2 games take place several hundred (or maybe a few thousand) years before the events of the movies. They probably don’t add much value in terms of putting all the bits of SW stories together, but they can give a lot of thinking material about the origins of the Sith, the Force and the ancient history of SW universe(s). Both games have excellent writing and characters, especially the second one.

        • Ange

          Thank you Dmitriy.
          I totally agree. I just love the story, even Jar Jar Binks in the prequels and I know he is not a favourite of the critics. I’ve read some of the Knights of the Old Republic comics and have friends who play the game of it. They love it too. They certainly do give more insight into the history of the whole concept with the Jedi, Sith, Force and show how big the whole story really was. They were more like the glory days.
          Warm Wishes

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