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“May The Fourth Be With You” on Star Wars Day this year. If you are looking for Star Wars Costumes, adults can dress up just as easily as kids if you know where to look for a great source with a huge range of costumes and accessories. I know just what you are looking for to celebrate Star Wars celebrations, events, birthdays, and Star Wars Day. Get them here, online and save time.


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Star Wars Costumes For Adults:


There are a wide variety of star wars costumes and accessories. I have bought several costumes myself from the company I recommend and have been impressed with the quality.


Costume Style: Star Wars Themes, plus many other themes for your next event.


Company:, boasts the biggest selection of costumes in the world.


Price: Prices are in US dollars usually. Some other countries (for example Australia) may convert to their own currencies, but check the prices first and convert if needed. Prices range from as little as around $20.00 on average and be in the $100s if you are buying authentic or collectors editions, but as a general example, see the costumes shown below.


Rating: 9/10


Recommended: Very Highly Recommended.


Range: Enormous. Currently 553 Star Wars related costumes, clothing and accessories are listed over 9 pages. You can purchase everything you need in this one stop shop and therefore save time in searching separate items and on postage costs.


Princess Leia Costume, princess leia, star-wars-costumes-adults

Princess Leia Costume Price Normally $59.99 USD, on special for $39.99

Darth Maul Costume, darth maul, star_wars_costumes_adult

Darth Maul Costume Price $79.99 USD













Product Merits:


In relation to one of the products purchased, the Princess Leia costume.


  • High quality fabric
  • Easily washable, machine washable on gentle cycle (my suggestion)
  • Size description is accurate so costume should fit you well if you measured yourself and checked the size chart.
  • Clean and tidy
  • No pulls or threads in the material
  • Authentic in appearance
  • Needed no other accessories
  • Wig fit well as long as I used a hair net underneath
  • Packaging was intact and non-damaged
  • Easy to hang up before and after use


Product Drawbacks:


In relation to the Princess Leia outfit purchased


  • Fabric is thick, therefore if you are wearing it in summer, you might get hot in this high necked, long sleeved outfit.On the other hand, in winter you will be warm
  • Needed a hair net underneath the wig
  • Wig buns needed to be flattened a little, otherwise they stuck out to much to give a true Princess Leia buns appearance
  • If you are short, you may need to hoist the dress up over the belt a little to keep off the ground, or if you have sewing skills, sew up the hem a little.
  • The box the items were packaged in, smelled a little, but it did not affect the costume.


Additional Information If You Wish To Know More


Size Options: Many of the costumes come in plus sizes as well as the smaller, more standard sizes. Always check the measurements listed in the product specifications and if you are unsure, they also have a page dedicated to product sizing tips, where they tell you not to assume a size for yourself and recommend following the size guide.


Guarantee: A returns, refunds and exchange process is offered to maintain customer satisfaction


Shipping and Delivery: Worldwide shipping options to over 200 countries and short delivery time. There are a number of options for shipping, select which suits you the best. I am in Australia and my packages arrived less than 10 days after ordering from the US using just the standard international economy shipping option. They also offer an order status to track your order.


Satisfaction: I have been 100% satisfied with all aspects of my purchases with them. The product is of a high standard and quality. The prices are very reasonable. The delivery time is fast. The product arrived in perfect condition. Processing and handling of the order has been efficient. No problems with items missing from my order.


Product Description: The company’s product descriptions are accurate and they provide size measurements for you to check if the item will fit you.


Payment Options: Include Credit card payments, PayPal, checks, money orders and other popular methods.


Website Navigation: Easy to use and easy to locate what you are searching for. Has a search bar or you can choose to click on categories.


Safe Shopping: The company offer a safe shopping experience through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification with all pages being protected by Truste’s Certified Privacy Policy.


FAQs: Yes, easily accessible on the site


Quality: Very high quality, totally impressed.


What Is Included: Most of the products offered provide either all of what you see in their image, or a large part of the costume. Always check before you purchase to see if it is all included. For example, my Princess Leia costume included a hooded dress, belt, shoe cover boots, and the wig. I didn’t need to buy anything extra.


Options: There are options to buy, rent or trade-in costumes, however the prices are so reasonable and affordable it makes buying a costume the ultimate choice to own and reuse your product. They have regular sales on items to make them even more accessible to consumers.


Should You Buy This Product?


yoda candy bowl, star wars, costumes, adult, star wars decorations

Yoda Candy Bowl, an example of accessories available.

In conclusion, I 100 percent believe that if you are looking for a high quality, authentic looking star wars costume at a very reasonable price, then you need look no further than here.

As an added bonus, they stock a wide variety of many other different theme products. So if you happen to be on the lookout for a Gatsby, Disney, animal, food related, Christmas theme, or anything you can think of, they are most likely going to have something for you.

They also provide many other items, such as decorations and accessories. At last count there were 908 items listed in the decorations pages and their accessories, counted at the same time numbered 5,154. Truly worth a look for those special occasions.



For Star wars costumes, adults and children alike, Buy Now, right here, straight from this site, and save time.

Here are a few others.

Star Wars Episode 7 Finn Costume

Star Wars Episode 7 Finn Costume














Star Wars Episode 7 Rey Costume












Star Wars Episode 7 Kylo Ren Villain













Princess Leia Slave Leia Costume

Princess Leia Slave Leia Costume













Child Chewbacca Deluxe Costume












I hope you have found this information useful for your next function or event that you may need to find star wars costumes, adults and children’s needs alike. Please give me your feedback in my comments section below, especially if you too have purchased products through the above company. I am keen to hear about your own experiences.


Warm Wishes and may your star wars costume shine bright for you.



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