Star Wars Gadgets For Men


Star Wars gadgets for men

Han Solo – King of tinkering and gadgets

One thing I wish for on occasion, is that I was born a man, well not really, but when I look at all the cool Star Wars gadgets for men that are available, I get a little excited! Is that weird? Or am I just a self-confessed Star Wars fan who likes gadgets regardless of whether they are generally a man’s realm or not? I hereby declare that these gadgets are for everyone, but those I have picked out here to showcase for you have been selected with men in mind. Just because I am a woman, does not mean that I can’t go and buy Star Wars gadgets for myself, so if you are a woman too, it doesn’t really matter, no one is judging you for being a Star Wars fan here, especially not me. Go ahead and join me in being a proud Star Wars fan. Meanwhile, if you are looking for the perfect gift for a special man in your life, or are simply a man who just loves everything Star Wars, the following Star Wars themed gadgets should tickle your fancy.


Star Wars Gadgets For Men


I just want to put it out there before I go into showcasing the following selection of Star Wars gadgets for men here, that I have bought many times from the company who provide the products which I am showing you some ideas for today. I have always found them to be very reputable, the products are of good quality and they take care in their shipping and care of the products they stock. I have no complaints whatsoever in anything I have bought from them and as a result, gladly recommend them to you.

So here goes!


Star Wars R2D2 Screwdriver $15.99 USD


The first product is pretty practical if you are looking for something that relates to Star Wars and doubles as a very handy tool. I really love practical options with my Star Wars memorabilia and collectibles. If you can use it, it’s so much better than having it gather dust on a shelf. However, I do have some dust collectors in my collection of Star Wars fun memorabilia. Let me know what you think of this.



Now this is what I call clever. R2D2 is the best little multitool ever, so what better way to honor him by making a screwdriver set based especially on him? The set consists of 3 forged steel bits. 1 which is slotted and 2 that are Phillips-heads. R2D2 stands about 4 inches tall (not including the bits when attached). For ages 14 and up so it’s perfect for a dad showing his son some handy repair or building tips. I secretly want one.

Star Wars Mimibot Flash Drives

Yoda 64GB Mimibot Flash Drive – $69.99



Save your files, or do not! says Yoda. But you might be sorry if you did not! This hi speed USB Flash drive can be used with a Mac or PC and available in 8GB to 64GB. Just be sure to click on your preference when you place your order. Personally I prefer the 64GB because of my work. I always need extra space on my mini laptop when I travel or take my work outside of the home due to the need to store training of videos and classes for my online business. But if your needs are not the same, a smaller one will suit you. I am sure you will not be disappointed with this product. Please check out some of the other mimibot flash drives below. Yoda is not the only one available and there are more on the site if you decide to take a look.


Slave Leia 16GB Mimibot Flash Drive – $24.99


Slave Leia always seems to be a hit with the men. I wonder why? Never mind, I think I know. I loved Princess Leia’s style in the scenes from Return of the Jedi while dressed in the slave girl outfit. Even when being drooled all over by Jabba The Hutt, she still managed to keep her dignity, however scantily clad and was able to unleash some major pay back when her turn came. Good on you Leia. Wish I could look as good as her, but I have to make do with what nature gave me. What better person to entrust with your files than Princess Leia? Don’t forget, these flash drives come in different sizes so make sure you choose the right option when ordering. Prices vary.

You will also find C3PO, R2D2, Jar Jar Binks, Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, Boba Fett, Jabba the Hut, and Luke Skywalker. Some are due to be released soon, such as Luke Skywalker, but pre-ordering is available should you come across one that is due to be released soon.


Star Wars Foundmi 2.0 Bluetooth Trackers


A great gadget is the Foundmi Bluetooth Trackers. There are several different characters to choose from.


Star Wars Chewbacca Foundmi 2.0 Bluetooth Tracker – $19.99 USD


How many men out there are always losing things? You can admit it. Do you find yourself often looking for something that is right under your nose but just can’t seem to see it?

Well this could be the answer. A Foundmi Bluetooth tracker can locate your lost devices, but can also track down a device that has been stolen, so you can organise to have it retrieved.

To use it you simply download an app and from there you will be able to call your phone if you lose it. The tracker has a 100 ft range to enable you to emit a loud alarm to find the item you have misplaced, and also doubles as a camera shutter to aid you in taking long distance selfies and wide shot photos.  You can also integrate with Alexa if you have that at home. Stay safe and secure with a Chewbacca Foundmi bluetooth tracker. I can’t think of a better friend to look after me.

Other Star Wars bluetooth trackers available are:

Boba Fett

Darth Vader


And more!


Star Wars Themed USB And Battery Operated Chargers And Power Tubes


Star Wars Death Star USB Car Charger $29.99 USD


What better way to charge your phone or other items on the move than by this Death Star car charger?

Death Star USB Car Charger

This charger not only charges your phone, but it speaks too. Be instructed by none other than Grand Moff Tarkin as he tells you that “you may fire when ready” and hear the super weapon fire it’s laser.  This charger has two USB ports and is compatible with most smart devices. It also has an adjustable base and a volume control with 3 settings.

Note: This charger does not include a USB cord.

Never be caught short without the power of the Force, or should I say, the power of a Death Star supporting your power levels?


Artoo Detto USB Car Charger $39.99 USD


This Artoo Detoo USB Car Charger is such a winner. I love the way he sits in the cup holder, almost as if he was sitting in his astromech position in Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing fighter. There are 2 charging ports and when plugged in, it is capable of charging up to 2 tablets, smart phones or electronic devices.

To add to this screwdriver’s charm, R2D2 bleeps and whistles, spins his head and lights up just as if he was a real droid. Unlike the Death Star charger previously mentioned, this charger does come with a USB cord included. Let this little multitasking droid charge your devices with ease, making your life just that little bit easier.


Star Wars Mighty Minis Boba Fett Portable Charger $12.99 USD


Need a back up? One that is based on one of the most determined characters in Star Wars? Why not let Boba Fett have your back with this battery operated charger?

Small enough to hang on your back pack or key chain. Powerful enough to boost your phone battery by 3 hours. You can save on power by switching it off.

Please note that this product does not come with a USB cord.


Star Wars Mimopowertube 2 Portable Chargers $24.99 USD


These powertubes are great value at this price and are so useful. They possess a power button, have an LED power indicator with 4 levels showing how much charge is remaining and have a rechargeable battery. This power tube comes with a carry pouch, Apple Lightning adaptor and a micro USB cable. The charger is compatible with iPhone, Android, tablets and other devices of 5V. Never be stuck again. There are a wide variety of chargers to choose from. I am rather partial to the Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber power tube. Why? Because he is, and always will be, my hero in Star Wars, regardless of what Disney have done to him.


Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Mimipowertube 2 Portable Charger

Yoda Mimipowertube 2 Portable Charger









C3PO Mimipowertube 2 Portable Charger


Storm Trooper Mimipowertube 2 Portable Charge





Darth Vader Mimipowertube 2 Portable Charger

Kylo Ren Mimipowertube 2 Portable Charger











Star Wars Themed Headphones


You can never be accused of having music too loud again when you consider having the option of using headphones. You can still listen while other people can choose not to.


Star Wars Rebels Tie Fighter Headphones $25.99 USD


Now you can enjoy your music in peace with these Star Wars Rebels Tie Fighter Headphones. Feel like you are in a Star Wars tie fighter and imagine speeding through space and battling those enemy “rebel scum”, all the while listening to your favourite music.

Hey, it’s all in the imagination so even grown men can have a little privacy in their own minds and role play. Why not listen to the Star Wars soundtrack and really immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe?

These headphones, based on the cartoon series Rebels, will delight you in the most practical way, allowing your musical needs to be realised even when no one else wishes to listen to your music. Lose yourself in a galaxy far, far away!


Star Wars Rebels Chopper Ear Bud Earphones $12.99 USD


If the above headphones are too bulky for you or not practical enough, why not get these ear bud ear phones instead, or both for those times you need access to either one.


These cute little ear phones fashioned  on the Rebels droid Chopper is a great way to enjoy your music in Star Wars fashion. Small enough to be unobtrusive if you are a little shy about your fandom status, but big enough in sound to give you hours of endless enjoyment.

Comfort, style and sound, all wrapped up in a neat little set of ear plug headphones specially made with males in mind. What more could any man want?

Be the envy of your fellow Star Wars fan friends next time you need to listen to something quietly and break out the headphones.


Star Wars Darth Vader Eco Box Mobile Device Speakers $24.99 USD


While you are getting your chargers and headphones, grab one of these beauties. A Darth Vader Eco Box Mobile Device Speaker will boost your music playing opportunities vastly.

These speakers don’t just amplify the volume by 15 times, but they also hold your phone too. This Eco box allows you to use it with videos, music, alarms and even enables hands free calls. All without the use of batteries or electricity. Sounds good to me.




Also available in a Storm Trooper design for $19.99 USD


Now For Something A Little Different


Star Wars Passenger Series Car Window Decals



This is something I get a bit of a kick out of. I just love these passenger window character car decals. Having a Star Wars character sitting in your car would certainly turn a few heads for sure. Mess with heads while driving your car, all safely of course.


Would Darth Vader Be A Good Passenger? $19.99 USD



I just love the idea of travelling with Darth Vader in the back seat of my car. My car is white so I think it would stand out quite well against the background, even with window tinting. The power of the Dark Side is strong in this one.

This decal is made from perforated vinyl which makes it see through, but can assist in blocking out the sun a little and giving some shade on a hot, sunny day.

The decal is life size and depicts the head and shoulders of the character so that it looks very realistic in the window of the car.

If you prefer the light side of the force, then you might be able to find one of the Yoda ones, or another character, unless they have sold out.



I’ve Saved The Best For Last!



BB-8T App-Enabled Droid $129.99 USD



Remote controlled by an app on your smart phone or tablet, BB8 will amuse you for hours.


  • Adaptive personality that changes as you play with it.
  • Autonomous patrol setting
  • Ability to create and view your own holographic recordings
  • A range of expressions that adapt to how you play with it
  • Ability to give voice commands and responsive to them
  • Video below to demonstrate the fun to be had with the favourite of mine.



Well That’s All Folks, For Now At Least!


I hope you have enjoyed my showcase of some of the great products that are currently available when looking for Star Wars gadgets for men. I think you will find all of these are not just fun items, but extremely useful as well. Please not that at the time of writing this article, all items showcased are available now or very soon, and I’ve found in the long term, it’s best to buy something when you first come across it rather than wait for a while. I have missed out on a quite a few Star Wars products because I thought I would wait until Christmas and get it then, or wait for some other reason, only to find that there were none left. Sometimes you are lucky and they are only temporarily out of stock, but do you want to take that chance?

What are your favourite Star Wars gadgets? They don’t have to be here in this article, I just want to know what kinds of Star Wars items people like. I am sure many of them won’t be available any more. Open up a conversation in the comments section below and let’s have a chat with other Star Wars fans.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you get enjoyment or ideas from it.

Warm Wishes


May the Force Be With You!

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