Star Wars Halloween Costumes: Dogs

Yoda Dog Costume, Star Wars Halloween costumes dogs

Yoda Dog Costume 19.99 USD

If you are a true Star Wars fan, you need to get in on the fashion trend of Star Wars Halloween costumes, dogs included. Don’t leave them out. Your furry friend, the faithful Chewbacca of your life, should not be excluded.

Imagine your precious pooch’s joy when he is invited to go for a walk, his most favorite thing to do, on the eve of Halloween, with his masters? You will make him the happiest dog around and he will be the center of attention with lots of love from other people too.


Your Dog Probably Knows Star Wars As Well As You Do


I don’t have a dog at the moment, but I wish I did so that I could take he or she out for walks on Halloween dressed up in the finest Star Wars garb I can find. I didn’t realise that there are pet costumes available for Halloween and the fact that they have them in a Star Wars theme also, means that no one in the family misses out on the Halloween fun. I’m excited for all of you, knowing that you can dress up your best buddy in something cool and fits in with your love for Star Wars, because I’m guessing your own costume will most likely be Star Wars related too.  Your dog has most likely been sitting right next to you or at your feet every time you put on your DVDs, so may even recognise the costume you pick in some doggy way. You’ll have to let me know if that happens.

Pet Costumes Are So In Fashion Right Now!


In this article, I’m going to showcase a few of the costumes I have come across recently. I want you to know that while I currently don’t have a dog, I have bought a few costumes for myself and my family from this company and I have been extremely happy with all of them. I wrote a review here if you are interested in reading it.


First Off The Rack!


AT-AT Imperial Walker costume, Star-Wars-Halloween-costumes-dogs

Your dog will look amazing in this AT-AT Imperial Walker costume as he helps his storm troopers into battle

Title: AT-AT Imperial Walker pet costume

Price: 24.99 USD

Suitable For:  All dogs


A poly foam pet jacket printed with the design of an Imperial Walker. Velcro wrap around strap for under your dog’s belly. 4 leg pieces with cuffs to place around your dog’s legs. Head piece uses elastic band and Velcro straps for placing comfortable on your dog’s head.




Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Comments: This has a 5 star rating and the size chart is very thorough, unlike some of the other costumes, making it much easier to fit your dog properly. It looks great. It appears to suit taller dogs the best. Some of the other costumes do not quite suit certain dogs, especially those smaller ones who may look more comical. I think a dog with long legs would look the best in this costume. But just to be sure, measure your dog.


From The Rack To The Cave


Wampa Ice Creature pet costume, Star_Wars_Halloween_costumes_dogs

Now here’s a cool costume, the Wampa Ice Creature from the ice caves of Hoth

Title: Wampa Ice Creature costume

Price: 14.99 USD

Suitable For: All sizes

Description:  The product is made from furry polyester and has a headpiece with connected horns, and separate foot covers. Velcro for attaching.




Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Comments: Personally I think this would suit a medium to large white dog so that the effect of the costume is not lost. There is a size chart that should give you the ability to work out if the outfit will fit your dog. I’m not sure how the foot covers would stand up to walking around without coming off. Being white, I would imagine this costume would get dirty quickly, so while being very cute, you may wish to take precautions in bad weather or muddy conditions. However, don’t let the weather stop you from giving your pal this treat on Halloween, there are always ways around such things.


From The Ice Cave To Tattooine


Tusken Raider and Bantha pet costume, Star Wars Halloween costumes dog

Tusken Raider Riding A Bantha – I think this is my second favorite costume.

Title: Bantha Pet Costume

Price: 24.99 USD

Suitable For: All size dogs

Description: The costume




Sizes: Standard

Comments: In comparison to what you might expect for a dog, a ‘one size’ would definitely not necessarily fit all with this one. This costume would be mostly suited to a small to medium dog. If you wanted to use it for a larger dog you may need to add a rug or piece of material underneath the ‘saddle’ section of the costume. Modification may be required to sit the Tusken Raider rider up properly, but this may not be the case with all dogs, it may depend on the dog and how well the saddle fits it.


From Desert Sands To The Moon Of Endor


Wicket The Ewok costume, ewok costume, pet costume, star wars pet costume, Star-Wars-Halloween-costumes-dog

Wicket The Ewok – My Favorite costume

Title: Ewok Pet Costume

Price: 19.99 USD

Suitable For: Small to medium dogs.


The product is made from a polyester fleece and faux fabric, has sleeves to fit the two front legs as part of the jumpsuit, Velcro tabs for fastening, and the hood has a cowl collar and a drawstring to allow for the face to be open.




Sizes: S, M, L, XL


Comments: While most people have been very happy with this product, apparently owners of larger dogs have not been as enthused about this costume. This is due to the fact that the size chart for this particular costume only contains measurements for neck circumference and does not account for different sized dogs. There are neck sizes available to guide you, but no other measurements are offered, making this costume mostly suitable for small to medium dogs. A measurement chart that comes with the order can be found in an image below. I apologise for the quality of the image. Please use this to help you determine if this costume will fit your dog.


Which One Will You Choose?


You most likely have already got your own Halloween costume organised for yourself, but have you considered your faithful friend and looked at Star Wars Halloween costumes? Dogs are people too, or so they say. Many people love their fur babies so much that they would automatically take them with them on their walks at Halloween. So why not dress them up too? They’ll have just as much fun as you.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about these costumes. I certainly enjoyed writing this article. Anything Star Wars and quirky, always catches my eye, so pet costumes was bound to come up on my blog sooner or later. How do you feel about adding Star Wars to your pet’s life? Send me a picture of your dog taking pride of place at your side this Halloween, in your comments, I’d so love to see them.

Warm Wishes and have a Great Halloween.




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