Star Wars In The Bedroom – Perfectly Kid-Friendly


C3PO Is Surprised That He Had It In Him, The Ability To Use The Force To Levitate Himself

I have a little secret! I love Star Wars in the bedroom. I have another secret, it’s not what you might be thinking! I must admit though, I really have brought Star Wars into my bedroom instead of just leaving it on display in a cabinet in the lounge room.

Does that surprise you? As much as C3PO was when he suddenly started levitating in The Return of The Jedi and thought he was doing it himself? If you are a fan like me, then you are probably not surprised at all by my confession.


My Luke Is Always There For Me!


My bedroom is not inundated with memorabilia, but I do have a few items placed around my room, including a large scale Luke Skywalker, an autographed photo of Mark Hamill from the Empire Strikes Back, and a comforter and pillow cases for my bed, kindly bought for me by my daughter. They say not to encourage me, but people often by me things Star Wars related regardless.


True Fan, Geek Or Freak?


I guess that might indicate I am a true fan, or geek, or freak as some of my friends have been known to call me. I don’t mind letting people know these days about my enjoyment of all things Star Wars. It used to be uncool to admit that you like collecting things from favourite movies and TV shows, now it seems like the entire world seems to get a kick out of mementos and merchandise from something or another. If you know where to look, you can get some pretty amazing products all representing the passion you feel for a movie or show, and even bands. The world is catching up!


It’s In The Family For Generations To Come!


You know you are bringing your children and grandchildren up right when they start asking you to put your Star Wars sheets back on your bed. At least if you yourself are a Star Wars fan, which of course, I am. I consider myself very lucky to have a family that enjoys Star Wars as much as I do. They really have no choice in the matter though.

My granddaughter loves climbing into bed with me and I was telling her the other day it would be time to change my sheets shortly.  She asked me if I would please put my Star Wars set on this time. The Star Wars set is a comforter and pillow cases, not sheets, but I’m just referring to them as sheets since that’s what my granddaughter was calling them.


Oh-Oh! I Didn’t Do It!


As it happened, I didn’t change them that day and when she asked me when she came home from school if if I’d done it yet, I apologised and told her I had not had the chance to yet. She took it in her stride, as she always does, because she is such a lovely and patient little girl. Usually! She said that I should use something to remember to do it the next day.


Oops I Did It Again!


The next day arrived and I did not get to change them again. When she came home from school that day, she walked down the hallway without a word, as soon as she walked in the door. She went straight to my bedroom. It was so funny. She came out saying “Nanny, you didn’t do it again!” She was slightly disappointed but didn’t cause a fuss over it. Instead, this is what she did.


A Post It Note – Boy Do I Feel Bad Now!


star wars in the bedroom

I found a sticky note reminder on my laptop


I went to my room after she had gone to bed that night and I found a sticky note on my laptop screen to remind me about changing the sheets. I guess she figured I would be sure to see that seems I work on my blog frequently. She’s 7 so I was pretty impressed with that. How cute that she would firstly think of doing that, but also very clever to strategically place the post it note to my screen.


A Closer Look Just In Case You Missed It The First Time!



Here’s a Close Up Of The Message


Here is a close up of the note so that you can see her excellent spelling and signature. If you can’t quite make it out it says, “Change sheets to star wars ones, H” (for her name) I think the little square is supposed to be a picture of the comforter set. She’s such a demanding little thing.


She Was Persistent, I’ll Give Her That!


The next day, I hadn’t quite got around to finishing the job but at least I had managed to get the other sheets off the bed and the Star Wars set out ready to put on. When she said “Nanny!!!!” this time, I was ready with a quick response and said that I thought perhaps she would like to help me put them on. Thank goodness for quick thinking, I appeased her and she was quite happy to help.


On At Last! Yay!


Star Wars In Bedroom

My Star Wars Comforter Set


Here is the finished product at last, including my Luke Skywalker protector. I love it when I get to have my special man have a sleep over, if you’ll excuse the corny pun.


One Happy Little Girl – Trust Me – She’s There Somewhere!



Here she is, snuggled up tight.


And there you have it. My happy little granddaughter in the bed she helped to make with her favourite comforter set snuggled around her. I actually enjoy having this set on because they wash well and don’t really need ironing. They are warmer in winter than the comforter set I usually have too and are well made. And of course, center of attention right there on the cover, my hero, Luke Skywalker.


Destroying The Emperor


On a different note, this particular set has the Emperor who just happens to be on the side of the bed where she sleeps when she hops into bed with me. She used to be afraid of him for quite a while. But the day I got this set and put them on my bed for the first time, she originally didn’t want to sleep in the bed. Somehow at some point, she ended up sitting right on top of the Emperor and didn’t realise. I told her she had squashed him so he couldn’t scare her anymore. After jumping up and down a few more times to make sure he was no longer a threat, she is quite happy sleeping on that side of the bed now. She destroyed the Emperor.


You Can Still Buy This Set At The Moment


If you would like to add your own touch of Star Wars in the bedroom there are some links below to where you can purchase this particular comforter set or a similar one.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the interactions in our family when it comes to Star Wars. Do you have many Star Wars memorabilia or mementos? Do you admit that you have a passion for Star Wars or keep it to yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of this.


Warm Wishes







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