Star Wars Parties Need A Vital Component: Star Wars Costumes Home Made, Hired or Purchased

Star Wars Costumes Were Once Few And Far Between


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My Mother made her own Yoda costume and my Fathers Gamorrean Guard outfit. star wars costumes.

If you’ve been looking for Star Wars costumes; home made, hired or purchased, are the choices you are faced with. Some time ago your options were very limited.

When I held the star wars party for my daughter’s 5 years off chemotherapy celebration back in 1999, I had no idea where to buy star wars costumes and so most of the people at our party, including ourselves, made their own.


Nowhere To Be Found


I don’t think there were many companies or stores selling star wars costumes, and the internet was still quite young in those days to search for and buy online.

Even to hire the costumes, if we could find any, was either too expensive or you had to drive for an hour there and back to pick one up, and then another hour there and back to return it to the costume hire company the next day or within a couple of days.


Did I Pick An Impossible Theme?


I guess I thought that we had picked a difficult theme at the time and assumed that it was something that was so old school by then, that no one would consider stocking them due to the age of the movies. The first of the prequels had just been released but I still believed that the costumes would be hard to come by. I will admit complete naivety towards what was on offer in other countries compared to mine.


Australia Was Behind The Eight Ball Until Recently


Star-Wars-Costumes-homemade-hired-or-purchased, C3PO Star Wars Costumes; See Threepio Star Wars Costumes

One of our guests went so far as to spray paint or dye an old track suit from a thrift shop in gold to become our beloved C3PO.

We’ve come a long way in such a few years. I have found so many more items available online and in store that I never thought possible and it appears that this has been going on a lot longer than I imagined in countries such as the USA.


Still High In Demand


Little did I realise until just recently, that there was such an enormous amount of people in the world who are eager to get their hands on all kinds of items that connect them to their favourite movies, costumes included, and that even the old classics are still in high demand. Fancy dress parties are so much fun. For me personally, I have always loved to dress up, I usually gain an alter ego and become less shy and slightly wacky even, because I feel safe to actually by myself.


Home-Made, Hired or Bought – It Really Doesn’t Matter


Luke Skywalker Costume, Star_Wars_Costumes_homemade_hired_or_purchased

My home made Luke Skywalker Costume compared with my friend’s hired Luke Skywalker costume.

I love the opportunity for being a bit creative and I do try to home-make costumes as much as possible. By creative, I don’t necessarily mean that I can make fantastic costumes, I really mean I get creative with what I have on hand. I don’t claim to be very good at them.


I Made My Own Luke Skywalker


My Luke Skywalker costume was made from clothes I already had in my wardrobe, a white top and some white leggings, and I used socks covered with those elasticated knee support bandages on my legs and feet for Luke’s boots.


Added Some Creative Touches


Added to a belt, I made a couple of holster type pockets sewn from some old scraps of material. I probably could have glued the pieces together instead of sewing them because I’m not the world’s best seamstress, but they did the job that was intended for them. These were to slip on to the belt to hold a toy pair of binoculars and a toy lightsaber I had bought at a show somewhere.

The only thing that let me down was my hair. I definitely did not want to cut my hair and there were no wigs available that might work, so I just had to tie it up and hope for the best. My costume was nothing spectacular, but the costume did at least look a bit like Luke’s outfit.

My friend in the photo here, the ‘other’ Luke Skywalker, was one of only two people in the entire party who had managed to find a place and hire costumes for it. When I look at his outfit, I think I did pretty well.


Here Are A Couple Of The More Creatively Designed Costumes & The Favorites Of Many Of The Guests


The photo at the beginning of this article shows my mum and dad’s costumes. My Mum made a Yoda costume for herself and made my father’s Gamorrean Guard costume too. She used material, foil, cardboard and an ice-cream tub for the helmet.

I’m pleased to say they won first and second prize in the adult costumes category. I think the fact that they were both entirely hand made except for the Yoda mask was the contributing factor that appealed to the voters.


Homemade Can Be Just As Good As Bought


It just goes to show you that store bought costumes may look fantastic, but home-made can be just as worthy of winning a prize. My Mum is very creative and a good sewer too, so she did have an advantage. Just to even it up a bit, the hired costumes also won a prize.


Jar Jar Binks Steals The Show


Star Wars Costumes, homemade hired or purchased

Jar Jar Binks was a favourite, the comment of the day was “How Rude” in true Jar Jar style. I haven’t found any Jar Jar Binks costumes to buy as yet but you can always improvise like my friend here did.

My friend and her daughter’s outfits were also very popular and at least one of them won a prize. On the right here is my friend’s Jar Jar Binks home-made costume, devised around using a bicycle helmet as the base for his head and building out from there.


How Rude!


She designed and sewed the head cover around the helmet. I was so impressed, it really looked amazing. She just used an orange jumper and a brown waistcoat with some brown jeans to complete the outfit. I was so proud of how she brought Jar Jar to life and was the life of the party with her quoting of “How rude” from the movie too.

Look At This Cute Little Droid


homemade hired or purchased star wars costumes, Artoo Detoo

Artoo Detoo steals the show with this well made, well put together little droid.

Artoo Detoo is such a quirky character, and my friend’s daughter was the perfect little person to carry off wearing an Artoo Detoo outfit (Forgive my efforts to cover her real face). She played the part really well and everyone loved this little droid.


Copied From A Picture


My friend borrowed a picture from me and with a bit of material for tying, cardboard and some poster paints, this was the result. It was hard work but it was all worth it. The finished product was really appreciated by everyone at the party and of course was a prize winner too.



Two Stiff Droids Dancing, What A Sight

It was really a lot of fun because we had both C3PO and R2D2 and they did a little dance together and I swear they looked just as you would expect two robots to look like when dancing. A little stiff but enjoyable to watch. You would have thought it was Anthony Daniels inside our See-Threepio costume and Kenny Baker inside the Artoo Detoo costume.




Shame About The Photos, Wish I Could Go Back In Time To Retake Them


All in all, a good time was had at out star wars party. I must apologise for the quality of the photos, they weren’t taken with the best cameras. It’s times like these that I wish digital cameras had been invented, or at least been affordably accessible to the general public. For the sake of preserving identities of people you will see I have altered faces that are not covered by masks or facepaint. Can’t say that I have won any competitions for my artwork either.


How I Wish We Had This Many Options Back Then, Just Take A Look At These


star wars costumes princess leia slave girl costume

Or this. Wow! If only I had the nerve to wear something like this. Check it out here

Star Wars Costumes Chewbacca

Wish We Had Access To Great Costumes Like Chewbacca Here. I would have loved to have been able to get my hands on one of these. Purchasing options here

Here’s Hoping You Will Have A Fantastic Time At Your Next Star Wars Party


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about how star wars parties are thrown by Aussies, well the Aussies that bothered all those years ago to hold one anyway. Did you get some ideas for star wars costumes – home made, hired or purchased after seeing the people who did dress up? Some of them are really not that difficult to make.


Costumes Are Easier To Come By These Days


Star wars is even more popular then ever now and that there is a huge range of costumes for adults and children available, even with characters from the new movie due for release in December of 2015. You can find Rey and Finn and others already. I bought a Rey outfit for my granddaughter for Christmas this past year.

Have you held many star wars parties yourself, or been thinking about holding one? I’ll be doing more articles soon about what other things we did at the party to incorporate the Star Wars theme. If you would like to use any of the ideas from this article or the others related to the topic, you are more than welcome.

Please connect with me and tell me of your own Star Wars party adventures and we can share ideas together.

Thanks for reading.





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