Star Wars – Princess Leia Actress Carrie Fisher – Has Passed Away

I can’t describe how I feel at the moment at the news that Star Wars, Princess Leia actress Carrie Fisher, has passed away. People are stunned, saddened, in shock, anxious at the legacy she leaves behind as myself, and Star Wars fans world wide, are coming to terms with her death. It still seems surreal that she could have been taken from us so soon. Carrie was our beloved Princess Leia, she will always be a princess in our hearts and thoughts forever more.


Carrie Fisher, You Are A Hero!


star wars princess leia actress carrie fisher

Our Beloved Princess – Taken Too Soon












The Cry Of Luke Skywalker Springs To Mind, “Nooooooo”!


It was Christmas Eve 2016, while waiting to watch Carols by Candlelight, when I heard the distressing news. Carrie Fisher had suffered a massive heart attack inflight from the UK to the USA and was fighting for her life after being rushed to hospital upon landing. Naturally I was frantically trying to find out more information because our favourite princess was in trouble and I wanted to help. There was really nothing that could be done except hope and prayer and sending energetic love and thoughts of getting well again to Carrie. The support came pouring in as actors, friends and the ‘common folk’, shared their messages of well wishes for Carrie, and I hope that she felt all the love people were sending her way.


Oh My Goodness, I Just Can’t Believe It! It Can’t Be True, “That’s Impossible!”


princess leia, General

Commanding and Stalwart Princess Leia

Finally, some news came and my heart lifted as I read Carrie’s mother, Debbie Reynolds’ Tweet that Carrie is now in a stable condition. I was so relieved. Then, merely hours later, on December 27th, the news filtered into my awareness, that the tiny little actress that made famous a princess of Alderaan, that would dare curse Darth Vader, who could snap her neck with a single hand gesture, and bravely commented on the evil Governor Tarkin’s body odor. Later to tether Han Solo’s wild side, become a mother and lead the Republic Army as a general, who would rise up again to help defeat evil in the galaxy, did not survive her ordeal after all. I was gutted! Poor Carrie. My heart goes out to her family and friends at this time. From fans all over the world, our thoughts are with you and tributes to Carrie, our own fallen hero, are now streaming out into the world.


Carrie Had A Very Checkered Life!


Carrie was only 60 years old when her wonderful heart gave out and took her away from us. Daughter of actress, singer and dancer, Debbie Reynolds and singer and actor Eddie Fisher. Carrie was born October 21st, 1956 in Beverly Hills, and by the nature of who her parents were and where she was born, she was destined to be a star. But that did not always bring roses and chocolates for the daughter of what is understood Hollywood Royalty. There were many struggles to come.


An Actress, Author, Screenplay Writer, Comedienne, Was Our Carrie.


Not only was Carrie an actress, but an author too, writing 7 books. The last, The Princess Diarist, being released only a month before she died in December 2016 and has received mostly 4 or 5 stars out of 5 from book reviewers. I didn’t realise she was quite the comedienne too, performing her own one woman stage show Wishful Drinking, which she later wrote a book on. From 1991 to 2005, she spent time in the screenwriting industry as a script doctor, one of the best in Hollywood. She even wrote the screenplay for the movie of her book Postcards From The Edge. In 2005 she received the Women of Vision award at the Washington D.C. Women in Film and Video awards.

Carrie Fisher As We Know Her Today


Renowned As Princess Leia


Her most renowned roles were her portrayals of Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, The Return Of The Jedi and The Force Awakens. We often forget that she also played Leia in the Star Wars Christmas Special when the heroes went to Kashyyyk, Chewbacca’s home planet, to spend Christmas with his family.


But Wait, There’s More!


Carrie also appeared in the films Shampoo, Hannah and Her Sisters, The Blues Brothers, The ‘Burbs and When Harry Met Sally among others, and guest appeared on many more. A simple check of Wikipedia lists a large number of roles and appearances by Carrie, both credited and uncredited.


Carrie Was A Trooper!


Carrie was an advocate for mental health and drug addiction, and suffered with Bipolar Disorder. She was a highly sought after public speaker for the cause as a result of her battles and her willingness to come forth and open up to the world. Her books Wishful Thinking and Postcards From The Edge, were both classed as semi-autobiographical books covering Carrie’s battles with life as a true Princess through being born into the old Royalty of Hollywood and with her fight against addiction and her mental illness. Carrie has left a legacy behind her that we will look back on with pride.


More Bad News


Debbie Reynolds In Her Hey Day!

‘Star Wars Princess Leia Actress Carrie Fisher, has passed away’ is a headline that I wish I was not writing. Then on top of this I learned today that 84 year old Debbie Reynolds, Carrie’s famous mother, suffered a stroke while helping with her daughter’s funeral preparations, and has also died, the very day after her daughter’s death.


What’s Going On In Hollywood?


We’ve had a recent spate of actors and singers leaving this world, which leaves me wondering what on Earth is going on in Hollywood. Can there be more to the losses than heart attacks and strokes? Why are so many being taken from us earlier than their time should have been. This time, Hollywood not only lost one icon, but two, and from the same family in 24 hours.


RIP Debbie, Be With Your Daughter!


It’s a very sad time for Hollywood and the world as Debbie was as loved as her daughter Carrie. RIP Debbie and know that you are now with your gorgeous daughter. You may have had a rough life together, but in the end, you were very close and I can only imagine how the shock of Carrie’s death must have broken your heart. At least the pain of losing both mother and daughter is lessened knowing that they will now share this new journey together and may it be joyful for them.


Thank you for reading this. Please take a moment to add a comment for Carrie below and share with us your thoughts and memories of the only Princess we will accept. To Carrie!! RIP Carrie, Go with the force and may the force be with you!

Warm Wishes






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2 thoughts on “Star Wars – Princess Leia Actress Carrie Fisher – Has Passed Away

  1. Wow,
    It is hard to believe Princess Leia has passed away, do you ever find it funny how we think of characters in our favorite movies as never growing old. Many of my childhood stars I still vision them as they were then, and when I do see them today I would not recognize many of them

    interesting post I enjoyed it very much

    • Ange

      Hi Jeff,
      I’m so sorry I have taken so long to respond, I’ve had some issues to deal with that took me away from my site temporarily. I find it’s even harder now to believe she’s gone, and it was a year and a half ago now. She had a really beautiful scene in Episode 8 – The Last Jedi that I felt could have been an amazing ending to her role as it were as Princess Leia. It was a bit on the corny side, but it showed her in her true beauty as the Leia we loved, even though this scene was shot prior to her death, it could just as easily have been used as her final scenes in the movie. However I would not have been happy with that because I don’t like losing main characters in movies. Have you seen all of the movies yet? I don’t want to spoil anything for you if you haven’t so I’m hoping you have seen them to know of which scene I am talking about. I agree that I still think of them as their younger selves even now, it is hard to see them as old when they were our childhood heroes and I probably always will. Thank you for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed the post.
      Warm Regards

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