Star Wars Themed Food Ideas – What’s In The Star Wars Cookbook

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The Star Wars Cookbook

What’s in the Star Wars cookbook? It is full of star wars themed food ideas. When having a Star Wars event, let your thoughts drift in the direction of this book.

There are many places to look to get ideas for food, such as Pinterest, or Google, but for something easy and ready to go the star wars cookbook is a must for your kitchen.


Kid Friendly Catchy Names


There are many simple, fun and kid friendly recipes with catchy star wars names. If you are a big kid like me, they will be fun for you too.

This book was so popular, the author produced a second one too. You can also find other books similar to this that are also star wars related if you check out the Book Depository website.


The Star Wars Cookbook Revealed


Book Title: The Star Wars Cookbook – Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes


Author: Robin Davies


Photographer: Frank Frankeny


ISBN-10: 0811821846


ISBN-13: 9780811821841.


Price: $11.82 US at last check includes a 55% discount


My Rating: 9/10 for fun factor, recipes and imagery



I rate this cookbook 9/10
I just love anything Star Wars



What You Will Love About The Star Wars Cookbook


  • The kids will enjoy the character stickers
  • Child-friendly recipes with a fun name
  • Menus range from breakfast, snacks, main courses, desserts and beverages
  • Colourful pages with star wars figurines strategically placed to create scenes with the recipes, funny.
  • Pictures give ideas of presentation of the food too
  • Recipes are tasty and delicious
  • Healthy snacks
  • Safety and cooking tips for children
  • Has a guide of the tools you will need
  • Easy cleaning pages if spilled on
  • Age does not matter, if you love star wars, you will use this book
  • Fun ways to get children to eat foods such as broccoli
  • Thorough instructions
  • Recipes are basic and easy to make, no experience necessary, well maybe a tiny little bit.
  • Teaches kids how to help in the kitchen but have fun doing so
  • Promotes reading, math, and organisational skills for children
  • Excellent way to get children to try eating things they normally wouldn’t try
  • Some recipes are simple enough that children can make on their own, but please supervise where necessary
  • For the person who needs to make party food quickly, the book uses store bought items such as refrigerated pizza dough
  • If you have limited cooking skills, this book is nice and easy
  • Great gift for the Star Wars fan
  • You can extend the fun and create more ideas around this, more star wars food with related names. For example Calamari – Admiral Ackbar style, Tattooine Twists (cheese twists made from pastry and cheese), Lightsabers which are really fruit kebabs, to give you just a few.

What You May Not Love About This Cookbook


  • Wookiee Cookies are delicious but you may need to wash them down with milk, but don’t we all anyway?
  • If you are looking for exciting and exotic flavours, these recipes are only basic ones to allow for simplicity. More nostalgic than out of this world ‘new’.
  • The Star Wars names of the dishes may not necessarily ‘look’ like the characters they are named after, but you can be creative with many of them to give that impression. For example, the wookiee cookies can be shaped, the Bossk brownies too. It only takes a little imagination to create something ‘more’ star-warsy with it.Table decorations will add that extra touch.
  • Not all of the recipes have pictures
  • Disappointing if you are expecting Star Wars information. This book is a cookbook not a Star Wars documentary
  • To maintain the Star Wars theme and appeal, food labels would be a good idea and also using star wars props so that the food seems more star-warsy.
what's in, the star wars cookbook

Lightsabers. My own creative take on a star wars themed food. Fruit, and it’s healthy too.

What Can You Expect To Find Inside


  • 29 delightful recipes to tantalise your tastebuds, each with a star wars ‘flavour’ to their titles
  • Foil stickers with star wars characters
  • Tips for cooking with kids of all ages

Here are some of the delicious sounding titles of the food contained within.

The Breakfast Menu


  • Princess Leia Danish Do’s
  • Twin Sun Toast
  • Mos Eisley Morsels
  • Plus more

The Beverages Menu


  • Hoth Chocolate
  • Yoda Soda
  • Jawa Jive Milkshakes
  • Plus more


what's in the, star wars cookbook

Here’s a version of Yoda Soda like one I made before. Not the same as the cookbook

The Snacks and Sides Menu


  • Tusken Raider Taters
  • Jabba Jiggle
  • Jedi Juice Pops
  • Plus more

The Main Courses Menu


  • Han-Burgers
  • Obi Wan Kebabs
  • Tie Fighter Ties
  • Boba Fett-ucini
  • Plus more

The Desserts Menu


  • Wookiee Cookies
  • Bossk Brownies
  • Wampa Snow Cones
  • Darth Vader Dark Chocolate Sundaes
  • Plus more


Additional Information If You Would Like To Read More


Recommended: I highly recommend this book if you are searching for some basic, easy recipes for a Star Wars event and fall short in the creativity department at times. Makes a great gift for a Star Wars fan who likes to hold star wars occasions.


Published: 31st October, 1998


Publisher: Chronicle Books, California, USA


Pages: 60 pages


Format: Hardback, spiral bound for ease of use


Genre: Non-Fiction, Cooking, Star Wars Theme


Age Range: 8 years to adult


Buy Now At: The Book Depository, and have your item shipped to you for free. It is my number one place to buy my books from. I have never had a problem with the product, delivery, payment options or delays in delivery.

Star Wars Food Ideas, Jar Jar Binks and Sebulba fight over food, what's_in_the_star_wars_cookbook

Star Wars Food Ideas, Jar Jar Binks and Sebulba fight over food


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But Wait, There’s More!


There is a second book available with even more tasty star wars treats. How does Qui Gon Jinn-ger Snaps sound? Or Protocol Droid Pasta, Pit Droid Pizza, Darth Maul Dip, Pickle Jar Jar, and Darth Malts? If you wish to purchase this too, you can find it at the Book Depository too, among other star wars related cook books.


Find What You Were Looking For?


I hope you have found some interesting Star Wars themed food ideas, and find what’s in The Star Wars Cookbook useful if you’re caught short. Buy it here and save time, get free postage, and while you’re there have a look around and see what else there is. You never know what you might find. If you are a Star Wars fan, you will enjoy it.

Thank you for reading. Comments are welcome below and I really would love your feedback if this has been helpful or if you have tried any of these recipes. What did you think?’


Warm Wishes,



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