What About Biggs Darklighter? What The Star Wars Movie Doesn’t Tell You

Have you found yourself wondering “what about Biggs Darklighter”? Who is he and where does he fit into the Star Wars movie, A New Hope? Is he an important character that was just not given enough air time? I believe this is ultimately what happened with Biggs. There is a lot the movie doesn’t tell you, but when it comes to learning more about this ‘now you see him, now you don’t’ character at least you can find some of the answers to such questions by reading the book. How much more information does a book give as opposed to a movie?


Was Biggs A Significant Character?


What the movie doesn’t tell you is that Biggs actually did play a significant role in Luke Skywalker’s life right up until just before Luke’s destiny caught up with him. He most likely helped shape the person Luke was on Tattooine, and who he became once leaving.

Movies can’t possibly cover all there is to know in a story in the short time on screen they have to create an entire story from start to finish. Especially one that you can watch in one short sitting. A book may take you days, even weeks to read, depending on how much time you give it. If you take the time to read the book, you will find out so much more.


what about biggs darklighter, Biggs Darklighter, Rebel Fighter Pilot

Biggs Darklighter, Rebel Fighter Pilot


Biggs Could Have Been Summed Up Right At The Beginning


In the early pages of the book of Star Wars, Luke is working on his uncle’s farm and sees the space battle between the Tantive IV, Princess Leia’s spaceship and the Star Destroyer that is commanded by Darth Vader. This sparks an excited mad dash into Tosche Station to tell his friends, who are less than enthusiastic about the battle. Had this scene made it into the final cut, the mystery surrounding this ‘Biggs’ character would have been solved right at the beginning of the movie. Some issues of the DVD sets do contain deleted scenes of which I am pretty sure there is footage of the Biggs-Luke interaction at the start of the book.


Where Do We First Learn Of Biggs In The Novel?


Luke’s entry into Tosche Station is where we are initially introduced to Biggs Darklighter in the novel. For those of you who have only seen the movie, Biggs is the ‘long lost friend’ that Luke meets up with just as he is about to get into his X-Wing Starfighter to destroy the Death Star. Yes, poor Biggs didn’t even make it into the movie until the last 30 minutes or so, which is a real shame.

what-about-biggs-darklighter, Biggs, Biggs Darklighter, Luke Skywalker, Fighter pilots,

Luke And Biggs, Long Time Friends Meet Again



Do Luke And Biggs Already Know Each Other? Clearly Yes, But How?


It was never explained in the movie just how Luke knew this particular personality, but the scene has them clapping each other on the shoulders like old buddies. Luke tells Biggs “Hey Biggs, I told you I’d make it someday.” To which Biggs replies, It’ll be like old times Luke, they’ll never stop us.” The watcher is left to wonder about their obvious history and perhaps are even wanting to know more about this part of the story, but the answer never eventuates.


Biggs Was Swept Away By The Academy Luke So Desperately Wanted To Go To


In the book, Biggs, among other friends of Luke’s, is at Tosche Station when he bursts in to tell everyone about the space battle. Luke and Biggs were inseparable growing up until Biggs, being a few years older than Luke, went away to the Academy. This academy seems to be an Imperial institution and is most likely some kind of pilot or space training program. Biggs was on leave from having graduated from the Academy, when he came home to say goodbye to his family and Luke. He was commissioned to serve as First Mate to a ship called the Rand Ecliptic, and was due to leave shortly.


Childhood Partners In Mischief And Mayhem


As youths, and friends, Luke and Biggs both used to play together piloting imaginary starships made from sand hills and logs. Now grown up and together again for a short time, Luke recaps to Biggs about a hair-raising run through a deadly area called Beggar’s Canyon that caused him to crash and severely damage his Uncle’s skyhopper in a death-defying stunt. Biggs becomes serious, reminding Luke to take it easy and not be so quick to become “a dark spot on a canyon wall.” In a rare solemn moment, he tells Luke that he’s missed him.


Biggs joined the Rebels, what_about_biggs_darklighter

Biggs joined the Rebels

Biggs Gets Serious


During a private talk, Biggs tells Luke of his intent to ‘jump ship’ and join the Rebel Alliance. He speaks of atrocities committed by the Empire, and that he has chosen which side to be on, the right side.

Luke expresses his desire to come with him and tells him that he’ll get to the Academy one day and when he does he won’t be drafted into the Imperial Starfleet. Biggs tells Luke he’ll look out for him.


Luke Feels More And More Desperate To Leave Tattooine


After Biggs leaves, Luke becomes despondent and even more eager to leave Tattooine and his life as a moisture farmer. After feeling bad when telling Biggs he had to withdraw his application to enter the Academy and stay on the farm another season, he pleads with his uncle to let him go to the Academy sooner.

what about biggs, Luke Asks To Join The Academy Again

Luke Asks To Join The Academy Again

His uncle, fearing to lose his nephew, explains how much he needs Luke to stay on for a little while longer, leaving Luke feeling hopeless and later gazing longingly at the twin sunsets of Tattooine, trapped on a planet he hoped to escape from.


“Just Like Shooting Stars, We’ll Never Be Stopped”


Living Their Childhood Dreams


Meeting up once again some weeks later after Luke’s total life turnaround, he finds his way to the rebellion and quite by chance, runs into Biggs at the rebel base. After being approached by the squadron leader who questions Luke about his piloting skills in a ship like an X-wing star fighter, Biggs proclaimed Luke to be the best bush pilot in the outer rim territories.

As luck would have it they are assigned to the same squadron and Luke becomes their leader after the rest of the squadron attack runs fail. They flew into battle together many times during the attack on the Death Star, watching each others back, with much cheerful camaraderie. In the book you get more of a feel for their friendship and we get to spend more time with Biggs. There is much more to this story than comes across in the movie..


Why Would Luke Be Upset By This 5 Second Character’s Death?


After reading this book, we can understand why Luke might be upset at the death of Biggs, who up until that point was a character we had never heard of, in the ensuing Battle for Yavin against the Death Star. In the movie, when Biggs is lost in battle, Luke does not appear to show much of a reaction. It does not show Luke’s eyes watering, or him angrily wiping tears away. We do not hear the words he softly says to Biggs, but we can feel his sorrow and read the words, and know so much more about these two friends that we could ever learn in the movie.


Biggs, biggs darklighter, death of biggs darklighter, biggs darklighter what about him

Biggs Loses This Time

Luke skywalker. what about biggs, darklighter

Luke controls his emotions








Biggs Was A Pretty Cool Guy!


After reading this article I hope you are no longer wondering “what about Biggs Darklighter”, and if he was significant. I’m sure you now have a greater understanding of this unknown character who really played a large role and deserves to be recognised here if it wasn’t meant to be in the movie. I hope that you take the time to read the whole book and learn much more about this universe I have grown to love so much.

If anyone would like to share their own thoughts about Biggs Darklighter please leave a comment in the section below.

Warm Wishes



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