With Star Wars Day On May 4th – Share The Fun!

With Star Wars Day on May 4th coming sooner than you think, what better way to celebrate than to share the fun with family or in a group. I have already spoken about what you can do to have fun on Star Wars Day if you are spending it alone, now comes my ideas on how to enjoy a Star Wars adventure with a few to many people and spread the Star Wars love.


Family Times Are Fun Times If Everyone Loves Star Wars:


Star Wars Day Family Fun, Luke and Leia, brother and sister, with star wars day on may 4th

Star Wars Day Family Fun, Luke and Leia, brother and sister, have fun on a swing.


I know there were times when we fought like cats and dogs, but some of my most memorable times with my family when I was younger, and now with my own family, are about spending time together. Star Wars fandom often runs in families, it is passed down through the generations. At least this is true for my own family. If you’ll pardon a play on a quote from The Return of The Jedi. “Star Wars fandom is strong in my family, I have it, my daughter has it, and my granddaughter has it”. My sister also has it, and now her daughter does too. Here are some things to do as a family.


  • You can do any of the things I suggested for flying solo


  • Play a family game of charades or name the character and give clues to who you are.


  • Re-enact or re-create scenes from the movie without words and using actions, sound effects, quotes, play dough, drawings


  • If you have those little game dice called Story Cubes, use them to take turns developing your own stories. One person can do one story and so on for each player, or you can take turns adding to the story. Write down your stories for reading at a later date. You could even make your own story cubes with a paper dice template and a pencil and sticky tape and therefore make it specific for Star Wars actions and characters.Have each family member create one as an activity.


  • If you have young children read a star wars story to them, some even like it when they are older.


  • Dress up in Star Wars Costumes and have Star Wars dinner. Try making Han-burgers and space ships (fries, or chips as we call them in Australia). Make a green jelly Jabba’s slime for dessert. You can always find a recipe in the Star Wars cookbook.


  • Watch the movies as a family.


  • Play Lego together


  • Play Star Wars board games such as Star Wars Monopoly, SW Risk, SW Trivial Pursuit to name just a few


  • Obtain one of those role playing games related to SW


  • Plus many more…..

Group Together And Let The Wookiee Win:


Group activities, star wars fun, star wars group activity, With-Star-Wars-Day-on-May-4th

Group activities can be so much fun, but you may need a new strategy, let the wookiee win.


There is one thing I love as much as family time and playing games, and that is when you have a whole group of people who enjoy getting together on a regular basis, to talk star wars. Even if it occurs only once a year on just one special day, say May the 4th for instance, and you have a great excuse for an event in the making. Group gatherings bring such variety to anyone’s star wars experience because there are so many more people to talk with and discuss anything and everything to do with star wars. As a group, there are still a lot of things you can do to celebrate star wars day.


  • Once again, you can still enjoy the ‘solo’ ideas, and take part in many of the family suggestions as well


  • Discuss the finer points of SW and what direction you think Disney will take in the developing storylines


  • Have a star wars dinner party with all star wars related food. Either put it all on yourself or ask people to bring a star wars dish. You could have a set menu, or make it a pot luck dinner. Either way your bellies will be full and your mind entertained along with exercising your creative flair. Don’t forget to dress up.


  • Play a group version of star wars trivia


  • Start a star wars book club and meet on May the 4th for a discussion


  • Organise a Facebook event whether it be to meet up somewhere dressed in star wars costumes to play a game etc or to have a star wars fancy dress party. The great thing is, it’s your choice.


  • Create a Meet-up group and hold an event or function on May 4th


  • Have a games night of star wars games such as those mentioned previously, SW Monopoly, SW Risk, etc, and don’t forget to play your Star Wars CD’s too.


  • Do a Star Wars related Toastmasters mock up and present something SW related to the group
  • With_Star_Wars_Day_on_May_4th

    Star Wars Saga Trivial Pursuit. This is the back of my game


    Hold a Star Wars Trivia night, you might even charge an entry fee and donate the funds to a charity

  • Have a mass SW marathon and watch all of the movies on a big screen TV somewhere, include SW related food and drink. Make it last the weekend if the 4th happens to fall on one.


  • Hold a fun debate about which is better, the canon or the expanded universe (legends) stories


  • Have a Star Wars party and listen only to Star Wars music


  • Go on an adventure, organise a star wars related car rally or treasure hunt. I’m sure you can get creative in setting it up and finding things to cross off a list


  • Go the the beach or other sandy area, find an isolated spot and imagine you are on Tattooine. Organise some beach sports and other fun.


  • If it’s winter where you live, go to Hoth instead, and organise snowball fights and ice skating etc.


  • A forest would make a great moon of Endor. Find a picnic area in a forest and have an Ewok feast, with rustic food and get out your guitars and other musical instruments.


  • Find some people who have NEVER seen Star Wars, yes, there are people who really have NEVER seen any of the movies, and initiate them into this whole new world by inviting them over for a marathon.


  • You get the picture……


These Are Just A Few Ideas To Start You Off


These really are just a few ideas that I have come up with fairly quickly. There are many, many more that other people can think about. With Star Wars Day on May 4th fast approaching, gather some people and share the fun. Enlighten those that are oblivious to our passions and show them the ways of the force.

Whatever you do, I hope you have a blast and May the Fourth Be With You. Please share this article if you know anyone who might need some ideas. If you have something planned, I would love hear about it in my comments. Let us know what you did and how much fun it was.


Warm Wishes



Images are all created by myself from my own media.

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